Loneliness is a state of mind where a human wants another human contact but he has no friend or company. It all depends on the state of mind of that particular person. For example, a person is alone but does not feel lonely or he has contact with people and still experiencing and fighting the feeling of isolation.

Why do I need to know about this?

As We are now into third-wave lockdown of coronavirus and we must stay at home to keep our physical health safe. This pandemic has mentally affected everyone on the globe as people are trying to protect their physical health but their mental health is suffering badly. It is very difficult and awful to live with loneliness. It isolates us and we feel very depressed in this condition. And in this lockdown, it is very difficult to reach one another. So, unfortunately, if you are feeling alone and isolated, you can read this article and learn more about minimizing your loneliness and isolation.

How can I fight Loneliness?

By making small steps you can very easily fight for your mental health by feeling less isolated and lonely. After a lot of research, we come up with some ways to combat loneliness during the lockdown. You can learn these steps very easily and overcome your loneliness and isolation.

Engage with your family and friends

Texting each other, sharing different fun or adventure videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, etc. Connect on a video call and enjoying company with each other digitally can make you happy and feel relaxed. it is all we have during this lockdown. You can have fun with friends on these video calls. For example, having a virtual dinner with friends and enjoying the food, and chat with your friends. You can know about your friend’s hobbies like going to different clubs etc. This way will not feel alone and depressed. You can also enjoy a genuine connection and eat dinner with your family while following the coronavirus restrictions etc. This way you can put your phone away and enjoy a physical connection with your family. You can decrease your feelings of loneliness if you build stronger in-person connections.

Try different social services

There are some organizations which are meant to help you in fifficult times like when you are feeling lonely and isolated. These organizations will help you fight your loneliness using different ways. Different campaigns provide support for lonely people. These campaigns help people from advising them to supporting people for mental health. For example, if you are an aged person and feeling lonely and depressed and you want someone for help or to talk with, then a service named senior in home care is the best option for you.

Walk interactively

This is the best way to keep you engaged physically. Whether you are at home or in a park, Follow the social distancing rules and other necessary restrictions and then you are okay to physically contact some family person or friend and have a talk with them. For example, if you are at a Park then you must have to follow social distancing rules and keep a distance of two meters from another person.

Do more things you enjoy

Spend more time doing things that make you happier. For example, watching movies or tv shows, go for a quick ride on road, playing games exploring, social media, or other things you like the most. As we know that it can be very hard to find the positives in this lockdown situation so try to do things that effects you in a positive way.

Start workout and gym

To distract yourself from loneliness, try running, biking, swimming, hiking, dancing, or playing a sport. Choose an activity you like the most so that you keep doing this every week. Get the membership of a gym that follows the social distancing rules and regulations so this way you can learn more about how to use different machines for exercises that keep your body fit and healthy.

My Experience

Yes, these times are hard but we also know that time never stops so this time will also pass, we just have to be patient. If you are an aged person then use different social platforms or join a campaign for loneliness to keep you busy in talking with people. Hopefully, we will be able to see each other very soon. Until this time comes, make sure to bussy yourself in use of social media, video and phone calls, and any other communication route so you can stay in touch with people.

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