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Web Design Trends 2020: What Do The Experts Say?

The Web Design is one of the specializations – or branches – the most interesting and exciting of digital marketing , and an integral and essential strategies in the round involving the use of various tools with the ultimate goal to achieve specific business results  https://www.emiratiproductions.ae/video-film-production/.

Precisely for this reason, experts and professionals in the sector undertake, periodically, to analyze the most appreciated and effective trends. The choice of specific layouts, color palettes, interactive technologies and tools is very important in defining complete and successful digital projects.

But what are the most popular web design trends for the current year? Let’s see them together!

  1. The User Experience remains in first place: and it is nothing new. Any detail in terms of web design trends still has this common denominator, which should never be underestimated. Consequently, websites must always be fast and responsive, and specifically declined on any platform, from the desktop to the now universal mobile, with ad hoc solutions.
  2. Essentiality is the key to success: no exaggeration, but minimalism. Forget the excessive and redundant designs of previous years and instead focus on clean and clear layouts, sometimes asymmetrical, but always very simple in terms of use and navigation.
  3. Palette vibrant colors: Living Coral, the Pantone Color of the Year, also lands in web design with its vibrant colors, not necessarily of matter, but more and more bright and colorful, declined mainly in shades of pink and purple.
  4. Intrinsic web design: this is one of the great news of the year, thanks to a term specially coined by Mozilla designer Jen Simmons. This is how the concept defines it: “the word refers to the essential nature that constitutes an object. When we talk about the web as a visual medium, the canvas is the browser. The capabilities of the browsers have reached levels that can even be defined as creative, since they include the use of tools and properties instead of hacks and tips that were once designed to overcome their limits. This behavior offers programmers and web designs better options in terms of flexibility, and ensures that the focus on content is never lost sight of, regardless of the context in which it is viewed. “
  5. Long Scrolling : incredible but true, the mobile first approach that is so typical of the last few years has favored the scrolling action compared to the click, and this trend is also reflected in the new web design trends, regardless of the target platform.
  6. Hamburger menus: they are favorites because they are increasingly understood by the user and because they are easier to use even on mobile. The revolution in the menu structure of the sites is very important, and affects all platforms, not just smartphones.
  7. Emotional design: the web design of 2020 is emotional and engaging exactly like the contents, more and more creative and personalized. The user has evolved, and the digital professionals together with him. No more standardized messages, but very strong communication and an increasingly customized perception, both in words and in design. Emotion is interaction.
  8. Improved authentication paths : it is inevitable that the arrival of the new GDPR has changed the network (and annoyed many users), which is why the new web design trends also include a marked improvement in the authentication paths, which will have to respect the strict disciplinary criteria currently mandatory without, however, disadvantaging the permanence of users on the site.
  9. Flat design: the trend towards flat design continues to remain unchanged, not only for aesthetic taste, but rather because it works excellently with the need for rapid loading of websites. The faster a site loads, the more likely users are to continue browsing it and not go elsewhere. Again, this trend must be seen in the already explored concept of minimalism and usability.
  10. Geometric shapes: it is finally interesting to note that precisely the versatility of geometric shapes represents one of the turning points of design on the web: together with the vibrant color palettes and the minimalism of the lines, experts in the sector advise to encourage the creation of edges that produce dynamism visual and depth, especially in the case of asymmetric designs.

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