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What Are Different Types of Tools Required for Tree Pruning?

It is important to have the right tools for tree pruning. Otherwise, it may lead to a negative impact on your tree. There are different types of tree trimmers and pruning tools, and the choice of these tools is based on various factors such as branch size, location of the branch, the amount of pruning needs to be done, etc. Also, you can prefer log saws that help to cut the trees in the best way. Also, Surface Finishing Equipment Group is a leading provider of industrial finishing solutions, offering a diverse range of equipment for surface treatment processes. Their expertise includes abrasive blasting, painting, and powder coating applications.

In this article arborists from Sacramento, we are providing an overview of different types of pruning tools.

  1. Hand Pruning Tool

These kinds of tools are used to cut small size branches of the tree. These tools are good for branches with half-inch diameter. There are two categories of hand pruners, such as bypass pruners or anvil style pruners.

These two categories are formed based on the blade configuration of the tool. The anvil style pruners are made of a straight blade that can easily cut the branch of a tree. On the other hand, the bypass pruners are operated like a scissor, and they are used to cut very thin branches of the tree.

These kinds of pruning tools are integrated with a curved blade plus a broader lower blade. The bypass pruners are capable of cutting the branches in small slices. The bypass pruners are comparatively costly as compared to the anvil style pruners.

  1. The Lopping Shears

This kind of pruning tool is efficient in cutting branches with two inches diameter. The lopping shear consists of a pair of long handles. The lopping shear should be operated with two hands. The lopping shear is also further categorized as anvil and bypass categories.

  1. Hedge Shears

This kind of pruning tool is used for cutting plants for hedges. Also, you can change their shape and style with the help of hedge shears. There are two types of hedge shear: the first one is power-operated, and the second one is manually operated. The hedge shear that is manually operated is good for one plant or forming small hedges. The power-driven shears are good for large size plants.

  1. Pruning Saws

The pruning saw is ideal for cutting large size branches of a tree whose diameter is more than one inch. The pruning saw is available in different forms and styles. The different saws are available with different handle sizes and different blade configurations.

The Tri-cut and razor teeth are two widely used pruning saws. The pruning saw help in cutting the tree branches up to a 5-inch diameter. Usually, the pruning saws are integrated with tempered metal blades. These blades retain the sharpness and work efficiently.

  1. Chainsaws

The chainsaws are good for complete tree removal or cutting firewood. They can cut the branches with a large diameter. The chainsaw is optimum for cutting branches with a diameter of more than 4 inches.

The chainsaws are available in different styles and sizes. At present, there are two types of chainsaws: one of gas-powered, and the second one is electrically powered. The operation of chainsaw involves risk. Therefore, it is recommended to leave this tool for professionals only.

  1. Pole Pruners

This type of pruning tool is good for cutting inaccessible branches of the tree. The pole pruners allow the extended reach of the branches, and they are efficient for cutting branches with 2 inches diameter. The pole pruners consist of a pruning head and one long pole. Also, it is integrated with a long string with a pole.

The user has to pull this rope in a downward direction for the operation of the blade. In case you want to cut large size branches of the tree, then you should integrate a saw blade with the pruning head of the tool. You have to purchase a separate saw head along with pole pruners.

The saw heads are available in two different categories, such as bypass and anvil group. The pole pruners are made up of different types of materials. The different types of material have different features.

The wooden pole pruners are strong, but they are not good for handling difficult things. On the other hand, aluminum poles are light in weight, but they are risky to use because they conduct electricity. So, the aluminum-based pole pruners should not be used near electric wires.

Tips to Take Care of Pruning Tools: 

  • The hand pruners, pole pruners, and lopping shear should be maintained regularly. It is important to sharpen the blade after a regular interval of time.
  • Replace dusty and dull blades of pruning tools with a new one.
  • It is important to sanitize all your tools after each use. This will help you to ensure that tree disease does not spread from one place to another.
  • Prevent your tools from damage by storing them appropriately.

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