Sexually Healthy Relationship

What Are the Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Relationship?

The average American thinks about sex up to 8 times a day, making sense as to how it plays a crucial role in healthy relationships. There are many questions that someone might ask when looking into what makes a healthy relationship.

What characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship should I emulate? How to achieve the sexual relationship that I truly want? We will answer these questions and many more; all you’ve got to do is get comfortable and continue reading.

Deeper Meaning

It might seem as though nowadays, the only reason people become intimate is to satisfy their personal, intimate desires, which would appear selfish. For sex in a relationship to help the relationship progress, there must be a deeper meaning to it than simply ‘hooking up”.

When we say it needs to provide deeper meaning, we mean a purpose that goes far beyond the feelings that you’re having at that specific moment. Once the intimacy is over, you should still be fulfilled rather than seeking your next conquest to achieve that closeness again.

Open Discussion of Dreams/Fantasies

What causes wet dreams? Whether it be our deepest desires or simple dreams that have no explanation, we all have dreams or fantasies at one time or another.

Another factor of a healthy intimate relationship is the ability to express these fantasies with your partner. It would help if you openly communicate with each other about things that you want out of your relationship.

Without being open about your desires, you might not even know that you and your partner share the same fantasies.

Equal Give and Take

Intimacy is about more than receiving pleasure from your partner. It’s like performing an intense and exotic dance where each person gives and takes until both partners have reached a place of fulfillment.

A healthy sex life is about finding the right tune to perform this dance too. It’s about understanding that to continue a nurturing relationship, both partners must be satisfied, and it might take some time because not everyone is used to equal intimate relationships.

It’s essential that if you want a lasting relationship as you grow and mature, you learn how to give and receive in intimate situations.

Encourages Personal Growth

How can intimacy encourage personal growth? Intimacy is about connecting with someone physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you’re truly connected to the person you’re having sex with, your mind will reach new heights and be opened to another way of thinking.

You’ll find yourself with more energy than you’ve ever had and strive to be better. Your partner will inspire your need to continue bettering yourself because when you’re better individually, you’re better together.

The more work you put into your personal growth, the stronger your relationship becomes over time.

Safety Means Everything

Earlier, we discussed momentary satisfaction when you’re not pursuing a healthy sex life. People continue pursuing these fleeting relationships because of the safety that is felt in that moment, the security you get from being in someone’s arms.

Everyone wants to feel wanted and connected with someone else. Healthy sexual relationships should provide you with that feeling of safety and connection. When you’re with your partner, are you on edge?

Do you have your guard up? Or do you feel completely comfortable and unafraid of what’s to come next?

Trust is Special

It’s one thing to feel comfortable opening up about your deepest desires with your partner, but it’s another thing to trust them with more than just your mind, but also your body. Healthy sexual relationships are about the mental aspect of trust as much as it’s about physicality.

Without trust, it makes having a successful sexual relationship challenging and difficult. It also may keep you from reaching a climax because of the mental blocks you face due to this lack of trust.

Are You Curious About Each Other?

What drives you to be together? Curiosity is a very healthy sign of any relationship. Are you curious about what motivates your partner every day? What are their goals in life?

Knowing these things and many more not only brings you closer together, but it also can get you hot and heavy. There is nothing more attractive than listening to someone talk about the things they love and their future ambitions.

Be Playful

There is a time to be serious, and there’s a time to be playful. The last characteristic of a healthy sexual relationship is your ability to be playful and lighthearted with each other.

There will be times when outside things stress you out, and you should be able to come to your partner and find relief from these things. If you’re not able to be silly with your partner and joke with them, what’s the point.

What are the Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Relationship?

What are the characteristics of a sexually healthy relationship is the question that you had before scrolling through this post. Now that you’ve finished reading, we hope you have more than one idea about what makes an intimate relationship healthy.

Trust in your relationship is going to ensure that you both remain open with each other and can connect deeper than ever before. A healthy sexual relationship should help you strive to be a better person than you’ve ever been.

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