What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

Getting injured at work can happen on any day. In fact, there have been 2.8 million recorded workplace injuries in both 2018 and 2019.

You won’t really expect many injuries when you work in a low-risk workspace. However, the situation of your role and office may beg to differ. It’s easy to get injuries when there’s a lot of clutter or undisciplined messes in your work.

All kinds of workplace injuries can affect both employees and employers. It can affect your time, money, and production. Get to know the most common workplace injuries, so you can prevent them from happening.

Read what’s below to know which injuries you’re likely to get.

Slips and Trips

One of the most common workplace injuries originates from slipping or tripping. This may also cause various types of injury includes neck injuries, sprains, and cuts.

A few reasons why people tend to slip are due to wet surfaces, loose rugs, and weather hazards, like ice. Trips happen if you have poor lighting, unorganized objects on the floor, and cords.

Many slip and trip incidents are preventable. Start by training your staff on organization and cleaning. You should mark any area with possible casualties, like uneven flooring and wet floor. Investing in high-quality surfaces and good housekeeping will minimize workers’ compensation.

Vehicle-Related Incidents

There are a lot of ways for vehicle-related incidents to happen when it comes to work. Some reasons include faulty equipment, weather hazards, and negligent drivers. Working with moving vehicles every day also increases your chance of collisions.

To avoid this, you must place an emphasis on driver and road safety. Strictly enforce a policy against substance abuse while driving. Make it a priority to always check your tools and equipment before moving them.

Falling From Heights

Falls are the leading cause of many serious injuries and deaths in workplaces. This is more likely to happen if you work in the construction industry. Many workers fall from stairways, roofs, ladders, and scaffolding.

Prevent these falling accidents by giving or having enough safety tools. You should also have fall protection for workers that operate at certain heights.

As these are the most common injuries around, there are a lot of ways for you to get appropriate compensation for serious falls. Hiring a Chicago Workers Comp Lawyer is a great way to do this.


Jobs that require repetitive action can lead to long-term injuries. Back pain alone can cost a lot for both workdays and compensation.

Overexertion is a type of injury that contributes to the loss of productivity. You have to deal with the pain caused by the wear and tear of your muscles. A common cause for overexertion is the repetition and stress from lifting heavy objects.

A great way to avoid this type of injury is by training everyone on how to properly lift the objects. Provide enough gear and tools that can assist in carrying. Be sure to take enough breaks when needed to avoid tearing.

Explosions and Fire

These incidents can happen due to faulty gas lines, open flames, and combustible materials. This could result in respiratory system damages, burns, and, disfigurement.

Passing safety data sheets to everyone keeps them informed and more careful. Any workspaces with toxic substances and hazards need proper tools and equipment. Training is also necessary to ensure that everyone knows how to handle fire hazards.

Getting Struck by Objects

Jobs involving heavy machinery without proper safety measures and training won’t turn out great. Getting struck by moving components can lead to dangerous situations. You may end up with crushed blindness, fractures, bleeding, and so on. <

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