What Blinds to Choose for Your Home Improvement Project in Sydney

Sydney is known worldwide for its aesthetic commercial and residential designs. The iconic Sydney Opera House and the houses at Wolseley Road are testaments of that. Every year, homeowners in Sydney spend over $500 million for home renovations. Some of these home improvement projects often include developing extensions and opening up spaces for natural lighting. Due to this open design, blinds in Sydney  are  becoming in demand to protect the privacy of homeowners. Here are some window furnishing design ideas to help you transform your space:

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are best for covering patios or large windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling. They are also suited for covering glass sliding doors. They exude a modern flair, and the long slats of vertical blinds can also trick the eyes to make the room appear taller than it seems.

Some of the most popular kinds of vertical blinds are made of PVC since this material offers a wide array of translucency options. Opting for PVC vertical blinds are also ideal if you live in an area in Sydney that is prone to bushfires since they are flame-resistant.

Roller shades

Roller shades are a great alternative for vertical blinds if you are covering a large window space. They are often produced from synthetic products, which make them lightweight and economical. These shades are also very functional since most products have added features like blackout linings and thermal conduction. If you are the kind of person who likes waking up late, this kind of lining will help your body think that it is still night time since it can effectively block out sun rays.

Furthermore, there are also roller blinds in Sydney with solar protection that can block out UV rays and glares from entering your room while still preserving your external view. In a way, they act like sunglasses in your house, making them a practical choice.

Venetian blinds

Unlike vertical blinds and roller shades, Venetian blinds are better for smaller windows. They are designed with horizontal slats that can be raised from the bottom up. They are also often held together by a strip on top called tapes.

If you are going to put them in your bathroom or kitchen, go for the aluminum kind since they do not accumulate moisture. Aluminium Venetian blinds are also rust-proof and very easy to clean. On the other hand, if you are going to put it in your bedroom or other living spaces in the house, opt for wooden Venetian blinds since they add a rustic feel in the room. Having this kind of design complements well with many suburbs in Sydney that are surrounded by trees.

Skylight blinds

Many modern kitchens and bathrooms in Sydney suburbs have adapted an overhead skylight to give their space more natural lighting. They are very convenient to have during good weather conditions, but the amount of heat they let in during summer in Sydney may be unbearable to some. To remedy this solution, many people also put up blinds to block some of the sun rays from the sky. Cellular blinds are often the best option due to their insulating properties.

Installing blinds is an effective way to protect your privacy and make your home in Sydney an aesthetically-pleasing one. The sky’s the limit when it comes to window furnishings. Be sure to pick the right one that will complement well with your window type.

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