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What is the best strategy to crack the GATE cut off?

GATE is one of the most popular examinations for students since it provides exclusive opportunities. If you want to do a Ph.D. or M.E. from different institutes, the clearing GATE examination is important. If you are not interested in leaving the technical domain and working with the PSUs or other product-based companies, make sure that you are preparing for GATE.

Analyze the paper pattern and the syllabus

It is important to understand the GATE cut off. GATE is one of the smartest ways of testing whether you have a clear understanding of the engineering and science. This is a computer-based test.

Here you will get multiple choice question or the numerical answer questions. Out of 100 questions, you will have to answer 65 questions and the duration of the three hours. When it comes to the syllabus for GATE, your verbal and numerical ability is tested.

Make preparation strategy

While preparing for the GATE, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is find out the syllabus. Apart from that, you must know about the subjects and topics. Besides, you must find out about the significance of every subject depending on the previous year’s question papers. Most of the subjects covered in the GATE exam will be from the second, third year of engineering.

Therefore, you will have to be aware of various strengths as well as weaknesses. Make sure, to begin with, the easy subjects like engineering mathematics, technical subject, and general aptitude.

Refer study materials as well as reference books

Competitive exams demand referring for various study materials, especially during the initial stages of preparation. Make sure that you understand all the concepts in depth. Moreover, these things help in giving a chance so that you can clarify your doubts.

For instance, make sure that you refer at least one to two books for every subject. Alternatively, you can get books from your college library. If you need study materials, you can get it online as it will help in brushing the basic concepts.

Make sure to practice and revise

As soon as you understand the concepts, it is better that you are continuously practicing and revising the topics. Keep aside two hours for your GATE preparation. Also, revise the notes and include the definitions as well as formulas.

When preparing for the GATE exam, it is important to make revision notes and revise them frequently. As soon as you finish a subject, you must move to the next one.

While you are at it, do not forget to keep revising the first subject once again. Also, make a habit of practicing 50-80 sums every day. As a result, you will become sharp and enhance your efficiency.

Go for multiple mock tests

Make a target of completing the syllabus at least two months before the final exam since it will give you enough time to take GATE mock tests. It won’t be enough if you have proper technical knowledge since GATE comes with limited time. You have to answer 65 questions within three hours. Moreover, some questions might come with negative marking. Besides, you will have to be quite accurate and precise.

Hence, opting for the mock tests will ultimately enhance your performance with time. You will come across hundreds of online mock test websites. However, make sure that the website is giving you latest paper patterns.

Hence, these are some of the exam preparation strategies that you need to know about the GATE exam to clear the exam in one go.

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