What is the connection between HIV and Erectile Dysfunction? 

What is the connection between HIV and Erectile Dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction happens when you can’t get or even always keep an erection, which allows you to have sex.

Most males can usually not possess an erection, possibly caused by drinking a lot of alcohol, utilizing recreational drugs, tiredness, or anxiety. Occasional issues aren’t always a purpose for concern, but a physician should investigate ongoing erectile dysfunction.

It’s a particular type of male sexual dysfunction that comes with ejaculating and decreased sexual satisfaction or desire.

Erectile dysfunction often affects males as they age. It’s also more common in males with HIV than within the overall population, though it’s been challenging to estimate the number of males with HIV is impacted. A study suggests that around forty to sixty % of males with HIV contain erectile dysfunction.

Many males with HIV have low testosterone amounts (hypogonadism). This may be hard to analyse because some signs (such as damage of vitality, minimal sexual motivation, low bone mineral density, and muscle mass) are less particular and may happen in males with HIV who have normal testosterone levels. Your physician needs to investigate whether this might be the root cause of the Impotence of yours. Chronic illness, metabolic syndrome, lipodystrophy, antiretroviral medications, HIV replication, other co-morbidities, and co-infections can contribute to lower testosterone levels in individuals living with HIV.

Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction of men with HIV Your sexual performance or drive may be affected by depression, anxiety or stress, relationship problems, guilt, or embarrassment. Psychological reasons might be especially pertinent for males living with HIV as you will find particular mental stressors associated with having HIV. Like the anxiety about transmitting it to others, the stigma adjacent infections, worries about discussing the status of yours with other people, and body image modifications. These can potentially impact your thoughts about sex.

Living with HIV can negatively influence the quality of your life, sexual function, and social well-being. Sexual difficulties could have an actual cause and be irritated by emotional and psychological factors, particularly in stigmatized conditions like HIV.

The pressure to use condoms may also affect sexual performance. Some males discover that their penis is less vulnerable to touch when wearing condoms, which might bring about erectile dysfunction. The study has connected sexual dysfunction with a lot less condom use and risky sexual behaviour, possibly for this reason.

Individuals living with HIV with sexual dysfunction usually also experience anxiety or perhaps depression. Probably, these mood issues and also the medicines used for treating them may both promote sexual dysfunction.

For bisexual and gay males, sexual difficulties are connected with poor self-image and low self-confidence. But there are complicated interactions between sexual dysfunction, HIV infection and sexual risk-taking, mood disturbance, alcohol use, and recreational drugs. In such cases, it’s essential to look for assistance that doesn’t just deal with the physical reasons for sexual difficulties but additionally considers psychological consequences and causes.

A health expert must attend a full sexual history which contains all these places. This might need knowledge of a psychologist.


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These medicines are simple to get online, at sex shops, and through some other informal channels. Nevertheless, there’s a higher risk of other problems or drug interactions with no good session with a healthcare expert.

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