What is the significance of the first house of astrology?

You must have heard that Vedic astrologers study the horoscope chart of a person and study the positions of the planets in relation to certain houses over which these planets rule. Have you ever wondered what these houses actually represent?

 Here is a proper analysis of the various houses and the various areas of life that they depict. So the moment you consult a best astrologer in Noida, he prepares a horoscope chart for you (if you don’t already have one) based on the date, time and place of your birth.

 They draw up different houses and then calculate the positions of the planets and determine the lords of these houses (the planets that rule over the houses). So the first house of astrology is called the house of the ascendant and plays a major role in determining the future of the individual.

What can the first house tell about your life?

The first house is said to be the house of the self. It is said that this house marks the beginning of your life and tells about the environment that you will get in your formative years. It is related to the sign Aries and the planet that rules over it is the Sun.

As per the famous astrologer in Noida, the first house assesses your personality and the characteristics that you will be developing during the initial years of your life. It focuses on the head and the upper part of the face as these body parts are governed by this house.

 This is the house that tells you about the things that form your own “self.” It tells you about who you are and what your life purpose is. It also describes the different ways that you must follow to overcome the obstacles that block your way and thus, helps you lead on to fulfill the purpose of your life.

Why is the first house so important?

Our personal attributes and the way we perceive the world forms the crux of our character. The first house reveals all these things and defines our inner and outer self. It is important because it can tell us about our physical appearance, temperament, strengths and weaknesses.

Our destiny is often determined by the first house and the planet that rules over it. It is known as the tanu bhava in accordance with Vedic astrology and shows the real picture of our true self – the way we really are and the outlook that we have for the world.

Since the first house is said to represent our individuality, it can help us avoid making any wrong decision that may hinder our path to success. It can also reveal the problems we may face in future in terms of our health and well-being.

Therefore, by studying the first house the famous astrologer in Noida can tell us if we need to change anything in our attitude that may lead to unfortunate events in future.

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