If you decided to be part of the psychedelic community or the world of getting high, there are three terms that’ll welcome you for sure; Sativa (provide the upper high results); Indica (provide sleepy effects in general); Hybrid (fall somewhere along the happy medium). And though the differences between the effects of indica and sativa strains are so ingrained into the cannabis culture; like how often they influence cannabist choose to purchase and the times of day specific strains are smoked, there are so many strains under each umbrella that we could never establish a real 1:1 plant type to effects relationship.


The energetic, pleasant intoxication, and stress-free daytime high of sativa strains is chosen and loved by several users who’s aim is to be productive and feel relaxed. Pure cannabis sativa, with its long flowering time and plentiful yields, provides users an undeniable energy and euphoric cerebral high. If you’re wanting to try sativas, it’s way more essential to have the knowledge on cannabis genetics and know what’s the strongest or mild strain, for you to know which sativas to try — especially if you’re new to them.

With that, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful sativa strains and see which favored potent plants have come out of years of genetic modification and cross-breeding:


Amnesia Haze is one of the strongest types of sativa out there, and it produces enormous yields of beautiful and powerful bud. It can be guaranteed that this strain is potent enough to blast away your memories – thus the name Amnesia. A strong dose of this strain will leave you feeling uplifted and charged. It is so potent that even seasoned users might find themselves getting paranoid.


Named after the famous cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer, this strain is known for producing a wicked mix of piney and spicy notes. One sniff and you may detect black pepper stacked on top of pine needles. Most consumers expect Jack to provide a rush of cerebral energy that pairs great for daytime activities, so it’s more likely an energy booster sativa cannabis.


Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain from South Africa on any list of best sativas that you’ve probably ever read. It has an extremely sticky buds that provide a sweet, citrus fragrance that transmit to your senses and offer a euphoric smoke ride in depth your lungs. It is often suggested for anyone that wants to get high and do creative activities like painting or crafting. Its high potency with THC levels of 14-16% can render up to 24% on record which absolutely make it as one strong sativa strain.


Super Silver Haze is well-known for being a great daytime strain that provides an energy boost for anyone shaking off the cobwebs. It can give you a world with earthy and citrusy fragrance. It makes most of its consumer report energetic, euphoric, and arousing effect.

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