What to ask a wrongful death attorney in Rutland? Find here!

Losing a loved one in a fateful car accident in Rutland can be a traumatic experience. If the accident happened because of the other driver’s negligence, the immediate family can ask questions and file a wrongful death lawsuit. It is common for family members to seek justice, especially when nothing can reverse the damage. If you are hiring a Rutland VT wrongful death attorney for the first time, here are some questions to ask.

  • How often do you deal with wrongful death lawsuits in your practice? It is important to understand that wrongful death lawsuits are different from personal injury lawsuits. The settlement is also considerably higher for obvious reasons. When you look for lawyers, check how frequently they deal with such lawsuits in their practice.
  • What is your assessment of the case? Car crashes and accidents are often complicated. The worth of a wrongful death lawsuit depends on several factors, and only an experienced attorney can offer an overview of what you can expect from the case. The good news is most injury lawyers in Vermont will offer a free assessment for the surviving family members.
  • How much do we need to pay you? At a time when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the financial distress can be overwhelming. Hiring an attorney may seem necessary, but often people don’t seek legal representation because they are worried about the costs. Lawyers typically take wrongful death lawsuits on a contingency fee. You don’t have to pay the lawyer until you win a settlement, but get an overview of the fees and other costs beforehand.  
  • How much do we have to pursue the lawsuit? Like other states, there is a statute of limitations in Vermont, which allows two years to bring a wrongful death lawsuit after a car crash. While two years may look like considerable time, you may lose evidence and witnesses if you don’t act immediately. Ask the attorney how you should proceed with the case.
  • What losses can we recover through a wrongful death lawsuit? While a lot depends on the circumstances surrounding the car crash, a wrongful death case should cover funeral expenses, medical bills, lost earning capacity, and loss of care and support. An attorney may not promise an outcome but can suggest an estimate of the settlement.

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