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What You Need To Consider For Designing an Effective Feather Advertising Flag

When you need to advertise your business on the ground to raise brand awareness, boost store traffic, show your support to a cause, or associate your business with an event, there is nothing better than banners and Custom feather flag. Of the various kinds of banners and flags you can display, one of the most effective is the feather advertising flag. These have multiple advantages compared to traditional flags and banners. However, for these unique-shaped flags to deliver a high return on investment, they need to be designed, printed, and displayed correctly. Some insights into the making of a high-performance feather advertising flag:

Decide If the Shape Is Appropriate

You should never start by assuming that your business needs to feather advertising flags to advertise. You have many options of shapes and sizes of flags and banners to choose from. However, a feather flag is ideal when there is limited space because these flags have a small footprint but can take advantage of vertical space. It makes them ideal for use in indoor environments like inside the store or shopping malls. When used outside, the best visibility is ensured by placing a series of feather advertising flags. Also, a feather flag has limited space for displaying contents, so you will need to restrict the matter to only the essentials. The good thing is that these flags are available in quite a few sizes, so you can pick one that suits your needs.

Focus On Branding 

With limited space available in feather flags, they are best used to boost your brand awareness. You can do this by incorporating your brand name and logo in the flag design in such a way that they get maximum prominence. Try to keep the messaging as visual as possible because typically, a person will, at the maximum spare a couple of seconds to glance at it. Reading text in a fluttering flag outdoors can be difficult; however, your customers can easily see and understand images because the human brain processes images some 60,000 times faster than text, according to T-Sciences. The simplest designs work the best with advertising flags because too many details tend to look messy from a distance.

Select the Color Palette with Care

Another smart way of making the flag resonate with your audience is by selecting the color palette of your logo as the main colors of the flag. However, in case, there are many colors in your logo, it is not necessary to incorporate them all in flag colors. You can select two or three of the main ones to create a properly balanced color scheme. When choosing the background, make sure that the rest of the elements of the flag, like the logo and the text show up clearly against it.


When properly designed, feather advertising flags can boost brand awareness successfully. They not only pack in a punch with their attractive shape, design, and colors but also deliver an outstanding return on investment due to their low unit cost and long life. Additionally, the flags are versatile, which means that you can use them in just about any situation where you want to promote your brand.

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