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What You Need to Know About Using an Electric Scooter for Commuting

The benefits Of electric scooters For commuting are many – read below to learn more.

– Portable

Electrical scooters are one of the most portable forms of personalized transport. Most are lightweight and can be folded up, or stored in a trunk or any other compact space. Some models are heavier and not as portable, but many are known for creating a very small footprint.

– Affordable

Electrical scooters are also a highly economical mode of transport. Electric scooters are affordable to purchase and they run on batteries making them cheap to use. These vehicles also do not require much maintenance when compared to other modes of transportation, and any repairs or damages are relatively cost-effective to fix.

– Eco-Friendly

According to Cillian Reynolds of a company that sells electric scooters in Ireland, the biggest advantage of using one of these scooters is its incredibly small carbon footprint. These vehicles operate on electricity which means they do not produce harmful emissions or CO2, making them one of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable modes of transportation. As the recycling industry for batteries continues to develop, these scooters will continue to have an even less ecological impact.

Electric Scooter Types For Commuting

#1 Budget

This category of electric scooters and stunt scooters is suitable for riding over paved streets and short-distance traveling. The motors provide decent range and power but can struggle over rough terrain or steep inclines. These are the most portable of the electric scooters. They usually weigh between 20 to 40 pounds and can be folded making them very easy to travel with.

#2 Commuter

When compared to the budget models, these scooters have more powerful motors, which offer more range and speed. These electric scooters include more features, which makes them more suitable for city streets that are more demanding. The commuter scooters weigh more, since they use larger batteries, yet they are still relatively easy to carry around and fold up.

#3 Performance

This category of electric scooters has the most powerful motors out of the three. As such, these scooters are capable of reaching much higher speeds and offer a range beyond 25 miles. Some models even feature a range beyond 80 miles. These scooters are usually fitted with expensive suspension systems, along with tires that are made to handle rough terrain. With all these added features, the performance electric scooters are not very portable and much heavier.

Top Brands

Segway Ninebot

Segway is a very well-known manufacturer when it comes to personalized transport devices, and has built a reputation when it comes to quality. Established in 1999, the first product included the Segway HT, a self-balancing, two-wheeled personal transporter. Since then, the product range has increased to include a line of electric scooters. The Segway Electric Kick Scooter is one of its most popular models.


Founded in 2017, Gotrax is a company located in Dallas, Texas that was first known for selling hoverboards. In 2018, their product range started to expand to include many other forms of personal-transport devices such as electric bicycles and electric scooters. The Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is one of Gotrax’s most popular devices.

Pricing For Electric Scooters For Commuting

Under $300

These are portable and lightweight electric scooters but may not be powerful enough for experienced riders. However, these scooters are a great starting point for short-distance traveling over paved streets.

Between $300 to $1,000

Most of the models of electric scooters fall into these price ranges. They are mainly made from quality materials along with batteries that are capable of handling longer distances, which makes them great for daily commuting.

$1,000 And Up

The electric scooters within these price ranges offer many features and more power making them ideal to handle more treacherous and rough terrain. These scooters also provide a range of 30 miles and higher.

Key Features


The power of the motor is an important feature to consider before you buy a scooter. The budget scooter usually has motors that produce between 250 and 300-watts of power. This is usually enough for city traveling, but you may want to consider a more powerful model when your commutes involve sharp inclines.


The electric scooter that you choose should also account for the ranges you plan to cover every day. Some of the budget electric scooters only offer a range of 15-miles to achieve an optimal riding condition. Depending on how far you commute every day, this range might not be suitable. The scooters with the higher ranges are obviously better.


If you only plan to ride over paved and smooth city roads, it is not that important that your scooter features a reliable suspension system. At the same time, the scooters that come with suspension systems offer more comfort. This can include pneumatic tires that dampen cracks and pockmarks along the surface of roads, or shock absorbers positioned in the rear and front wheel

Other Considerations

At some point, you will have to carry your electric scooter. This is when weight becomes a very important factor before deciding on the right electric scooter for your needs. Budget scooters usually weigh around 25 pounds. In general, the scooters with more powerful motors are also heavier. Anything that exceeds 40 pounds is regarded as heavy.

The IP rating of a scooter indicates how resistant the device is to water. It is not advisable to ride electric scooters in the rain, but when it starts raining unexpectedly, it is advisable that the scooter features a minimum rating of IPx4. Scooters that have these ratings are able to operate in light rain and are mostly resistant to splashes.

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