Travel with My Bike this Summer

Where Can I Travel with My Bike this Summer?

Are you a riding enthusiast who loves to ride mountain bikes and BMX bicycles around the town to flaunt your skills? Well, we admire and appreciate that. Cycling is the easiest form of exercise that has plenty of health benefits plus its fun to ride. But it’s a core responsibility of your own to secure yourself with bicycle helmets when planning to ride on roads with bulky traffic or mountain ranges.

So, where are you planning to peddle your bike this summer? Not sure where to head yet? If not, then you probably ended up at the right locus. We have gathered a handful of insights on places you could visit this summer. Let’s find them out.

Places to go to with a Bike this Summer

  1. Robinson Canyon of Carmel Valley, California.

Carmel Valley, California is significantly becoming a must-see placefor the cycling enthusiasts around the world. Ithousesthe famous 17-Mile Drive locus between Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove.

One hidden gem among such locations is this another-worldly Robinson Canyon of the Carmel Valley whose outback climb will pass you through many sweeping vistas, microclimates, giant redwoods, and silent country roads. The fragrance throughout the valley is mesmerizing and the place is packed with gradual turns. Be sure to add this into your list.

  1. The countryside around Medellín, Colombia.

The country of Columbia is amidst of a huge tourism growth spurt and attracting customers from around the world. Many bike riders are excited and thrilled to ride along the countryside.

Medellín is situated at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, to be precise. But, reaching there is worth it, you will have to believe. The place seems foggy at that height and you experience it from above the clouds, feeling legit high in the skies.

Moreover, the valley downwards is lined with the super green hills and cruising past lush coffee farms, lovely gardens, and refreshing brooks to get lost in.

  1. River Road of Edgewater, New Jersey.

River Road lies on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge and isa slightly secret spot that willallow you to ride right next to two waterfalls and the beautiful Hudson River. It also has thrilling hill climbing, and surprisingly it’s less than a mile from Manhattan for the ones who yearn to pay a visit here conjointly.

Overall, it is an amazing spot to be travelled to primarily for bike riders.

  1. Tuscany, Italy.

You cannot miss out on this one. Bike riding in  will let you to really feel the slow beat of the wonderful landscape.

Starting from San Biagio Church you’ll be through a challenging up-and-down the hill bike ride. The place views wheat fields, olive groves, and the dormant Monte Amiata volcano, all of which assists you distract your tired muscles. You can witness the fairytale architecture of Montepulciano and Pienza at breaks.

For your ride this summer, these places are profoundly sufficing. Just peddle along! J

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