Solar Panels in Kerala

Where To Buy Solar Panels in Kerala? [Quick Start Guide]

In the southern state of India, Solar Panels in Kerala is going through a revolutionary transition in the energy sector, being a society known as early adopters of innovations and technologies.

Most of the middle-class families in Kerala is planning to install their rooftop solar installations now or later, increasing energy bills and excess electric consumption of air conditioners and the introduction of advanced electric vehicles attracts house owners towards solar panel system

As you know, over the past several decade’s significant strides have been made in solar technology especially solar photovoltaic panels. The ability to turn solar energy into electricity has progressed from an expensive process limited to areas with a lot of direct sunlight…

Due to the zero maintenance cost and exclusion of batteries, most of the Keralites prefer on-grid solar systems, the government subsidy is another attraction for people to go for the on-grid system

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) along with ANERT provides a 40% subsidy on solar installations up to 3kW

Solar panels In Kerala

There are mainly two types of solar panels in Kerala markets

1, polycrystalline

2, mono-perc panels

Poly panels are old model panels, they are cheaper and of low efficiency. Mono-perc panels are much efficient than polycrystalline panels and of better performing in low light conditions which is ideal for Kerala climate

Solar energy systems have four primary components: solar panels, an inverter, a battery, and a panel stand. Additional accessories include modules (panels for collecting light), string inverters (to convert DC power from the panels to AC power for use in your home), module mounting structures, cables, conduits (conduit pipe used in electrical work), earthing electrodes, lightning arrestors (to protect against lightning strikes), earthing strips, and civil foundations.

On-grid solar panel price Kerala

The Solar panel price Kerala is average from INR 55,000/kW to INR 65,000/kW depending upon the type of solar module, mounting structure, and inverter quality

Since the energy produced in an on-grid system is exported to the utility grid, it requires fewer components makes it the cheapest type of solar systems

Off-grid solar panel price Kerala

In an off-grid, solar system electricity produced from the solar panels is stored in batteries

Off-grid solar systems may not be economical due to the maintenance cost of batteries, since those have to be replaced within five to eight years, Consumers who need flawless power round the clock are the main beneficiaries of an off-grid system

Hybrid solar system

Solar-hybrids are environmentally friendly and provide a cost effective solution for many small businesses. Hybrid solar systems use both solar PV and utility power sources to help businesses save on energy bills. Once the initial costs have been recouped, a solar-hybrid system can produce free energy! With incentives, rebates and other benefits, installing a hybrid system can be cheap in the long run.

Solar panel manufactures in India

Mainly, two types of manufacturers sell their solar panels in India. First, there are the local companies or Indian brands, and second are the international or foreign brands. Nevertheless, it does not follow that you cannot access subsidies for solar panels if you opt for a foreign brand. Contact your state renewable energy development authority to learn more about the subsidy program and its requirements. Surprisingly enough, the quality of the Indian-made solar panels has been proven to be equally efficient as those made by its foreign counterparts.

KSEB subsidy in solar panel installation

The central government subsidy scheme provides a 40% subsidy through the state nodal agency (KSEB) this scheme was delayed for months so that customers have to rely on private solar companies to install their solar system at non-subsidy prices

By the end of the year, 2021 ANERT was also involved in the execution of subsidized solar projects all over the state of Kerala

Solar energy is a common form of clean energy that has long been harnessed for electricity. Although solar panels are often installed on the roofs of homes, solar energy is not always appropriate for every home installation. An improper or improperly installed solar array can actually cost more than it saves. A solar consultant will help you understand if your home and the surrounding structures are suited to solar panels. If so, you can move forward with installation. If not, you might want to consider other options.

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