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Where To Find a Plastic Welding Supplier in Australia


Plastic Welding is a technique utilised by many professionals in the workplace and by enthusiastic hands-on people at home. It is an extremely useful and easy process to learn. But where do you start and where can you find a plastic welding supplier in Australia?

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Where can you purchase equipment?

You can find plastic welding gear in many different places from exclusive and specialist suppliers, to general hardware stores.

One of the best places to get the right equipment is a company that has been around the longest – Plastral has been operating for 75 years and has a diverse range of products to suit advanced users and can meet large industry needs, for those keen to try from home.

What kind of equipment do you need?

Plastic welding has grown and changed much over the last 70 years, and there is now a huge range of different equipment to suit specific jobs.

Some big industries that use plastic welding are mining, construction, agriculture and manufacturing. Trades can often make use of plastic welding as well in their businesses such as plumbers, mechanics, electricians and more.  Please refer to this page for information on equipment collection

All of these occupations may make use of different equipment of varying sizes, but ultimately, the main machinery required is a plastic welding gun, and plastic materials to form the bond between two similar plastic products. It also is an easy process for anyone to learn and only requires a few basic things – most of which you can get in a single purchase of a plastic welding kit.

What are the advantages of Plastic Welding?

There are a number of reasons why many choose plastic welding in their practices – when plastic welding is conducted properly and two plastics are joined together, they form an extremely strong airtight and leakproof joint. This is handy for repairs as it saves you from having to replace equipment or parts. It is also cost-efficient and has the benefit of saving businesses in the long run.


There are numerous reasons why you might like to utilise plastic welding in your business activities, services or in the home garage – it is a cheap and easy procedure with plenty of benefits.

The main thing you will need is the right equipment to get started, which you can find from a plastic welder supplier in Australia such as Plastral.

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