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The world of football has many twists and turns. For example, a while ago Cristiano Ronaldo had a dream return back to Old Trafford. Many people wagered on that match between Manchester United and Newcastle United through the platform for betting online – site 1xBet. However, probably few people imagined how good Ronaldo’s return could be.

For those who might not know. Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United back in 2009, when Sir Alex Ferguson was still in charge of the team. Now, Ronaldo has been reunited with his then teammate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, now coach of the team. In his first match with the red shirt he scored a brace, which helped United to obtain a fantastic 4-1 win against Newcastle. But there are also other reasons why Ronaldo might be a great choice to go to the site 1xBet – betting online section, this is because it should be remembered that recently he surpassed Iran’s Ali Daei as the top international scorer.

What happens when deciding to bet cricket on 1xBet

The mental health of top athletes has been a huge topic during recent months. After Simone Biles decided to not participate in a few competitions that took place at the Olympics, many other athletes have voiced their concerns. Those who decide to bet cricket on should probably know that Amelia Kerr, who is one of the top players of the New Zealand female cricket national team, decided to withdraw from some test matches.

While the details of her ailments have been kept private, she has already withdrawn from a few test matches while she focused on working on her mental health. It is worth mentioning that Kerr’s decision has been supported and backed by many other personalities from the world of cricket. Some of them include the coaches of the New Zealand national team, and also Ashley Noffke, who is the coach of Brisbane Heat. Let’s hope she can make a comeback, if that happens, users will be able to go on 1xBet bet cricket section and win great prizes.

Making 1xBet bets on the English Premier League

The English Premier League is definitely one of the best football competitions across the entire world. For this reason, many in England and the rest of the world go to to make lots of wagers for the many teams and players who participate there. Recently, Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea. After his departure from the squad he played with teams like:

  • Manchester United;
  • Inter Milan;
  • and a few others!

It should not be forgotten that Lukaku is also the star of the Belgium National football team. He had a fantastic Euro 2020 and a great FIFA World Cup back in 2018. With such performances and growth from the Belgian, it is no wonder that his return to Chelsea would be a dream one. For this reason, every time Lukaku plays, whether it is for the Belgian national team or for Chelsea, there will be huge 1xBet betting opportunities.

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