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Which Hot Wheels models are the most popular ones?

Hot Wheels has been around for more than 50 years as a brand and it is quite challenging to name the best cars that it has produced. As far as naming the most valuable cars from a collector’s perspective, the challenge is even greater as it all depends on the collection, the year they were released, and, most importantly, the condition that they are in. In other words, you may be able to identify a rare RedLine Hot Wheels car as a valuable one, but you cannot actually say whether it is valuable in real life until you examine it closely.

This is why most people tend to simply ask which Hot Wheels models are the most popular as it helps them narrow down good investment options. Hot Wheels Redline cars are the most commonly cited ones when it comes to popular and valuable Hot Wheels cars, however, there are many other cars that you can consider. It’s important to note that some models within collections can be more popular than others within the same collection.

Popular Hot Wheels Models

Some of the most popular Hot Wheels models are:

  1. Cheetah Base Python (1968): When Hot Wheels started making cars with the word Cheetah on the base, they landed in a bit of trouble as GM  Bill Thomas and his Corvette powered “Cobra Killer” race car had the same name. The company then switched the name to Python, As a result, there are only 6 cars with the word Cheetah on the base, making these cars rather rare.
  2. Red Baron (with white interior, 1970): The Red Baron is basically a  hot rod T-bucket car that was inspired by the World War I flying ace of the same name. It has a  German helmet serving as the roof, along with  twin machine guns mounted on the cowl. There are fewer than 10 prototypes of this car and they have a white plastic interior. These are quite popular.
  3. Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen (1969): This car was  built in 1969  and is different from the Volkswagen Beach Bomb that we know today. This is because it has surfboards loaded into the vehicle through the open rear window. This style was never produced for the public.
  4. Ed Shaver Custom AMX (1970): This car was exclusively produced for the UK. While the blue AMX may not be a hard color to find, details like the Ed Shaver decals and the blister pack that it comes in are what contribute to the overall value of this car. It’s definitely one that is quite hard to find.
  5. Hot Wheels Redline Cars: Hot Wheels cars that have a red stripe on the wheel are known as RedLine Hot Wheels cars. The red stripe was only added on cars till the 1970s, after which it was removed from all cars.

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