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Why Are Prescription Drug Prices Lower in Canada?

Are prescription drug prices giving you a bigger headache than the one they’re supposed to treat? Are you wondering if, and how, you can keep getting your medicines without breaking the bank each time?

If this is familiar to you, you might want to consider buying from a Canadian pharmacy. You might have heard already that these pharmacies are able to offer the same prescription drugs, at much more affordable price points.

Curious to find out why that is? Then keep reading this article as we shed some light on this interesting topic.

A Universal Healthcare System

The main reason why prescription medication is so much cheaper in Canada as opposed to the United States is to do with its healthcare system. In the US, citizens pay a monthly premium to a private healthcare insurance company that covers only some medical services.

Canadians, on the other hand, enjoy a more comprehensive universal coverage. This means that Canadian residents are able to access healthcare services as well as prescription drugs much more easily and at much lower prices.

How much lower, compared to the US? A whopping 80%, in certain cases.

Better Regulation From the Canadian Government

Another important aspect to consider when discussing prescription drug prices, is regulation. In the US, drug companies are generally free to decide whatever price they want for a specific medicine. These prices are then negotiated between drug manufacturers and private healthcare insurance companies, leaving the US government out of the whole process.

In Canada, it’s the government that establishes prescription drug prices. A specific board reviews drug prices and, if it believes that a drug is too expensive, it simply won’t allow it on the drug formulary.

Can US Residents Get Prescription Drugs From a Canadian Pharmacy?

At this point, you are probably keen to find out whether a US resident like you can have access to prescription drugs sold by Canadian pharmacies. The short answer is: yes. And the best bit is that you don’t necessarily need to drive to the other side of the US-Canada border: you can do that from the comfort of your own home.

Your best bet is to find a trusted, reputable, and professional online Canadian pharmacy, and place your order there. You will be amazed at the incredible savings that this will allow you to make.

Cutting Down on Prescription Drug Prices Is Possible

If you would like to start cutting down on prescription drug prices, you can now do that by choosing to shop at a Canadian pharmacy.

Thanks to its government and healthcare system, Canadians have access to much more affordable medicines. The great news, though, is that US residents can also take advantage of these amazing savings by shopping online with a reputable Canadian pharmacy.

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