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Why Hiring a Professional is Better than DIY Furniture Repairs

Australia’s furniture industry is predicted to reach $14 billion by 2022. The growth is anchored on the increasing number of households in the country, from 8.196 million in 2017 to 9.16 million in 2022. While in recent years, minimalist interior design has been all the rave in Sydney, there are some furniture pieces that you may find in each household. Beds or dining sets, for instance, are a staple in most homes regardless of the design choice.

But as in most things, furniture pieces are subjected to abuse and misuse, especially if you have kids or pets around the house. Families spend money hiring professionals for furniture repairs, Sydney, to ensure the job is done right the first time.

In today’s DIY age, the knee-jerk reaction of most homeowners to fix broken furniture is to visit YouTube for some instructional video in their effort to save money. Hopefully, they will stumble on some clip that helps them resolve their situation. More complex tasks, meanwhile, demand the expertise of furniture repair technicians to remedy the situation.

DIY at Home

The clear advantage of DIY repairs is the amount of money you save if you are lucky. Yes, this is under the assumption that you managed to fix the damage correctly. If not, you might have worsened the problem, which means allocating more money to undo the damage. When this happens, you have to hire a Sydney repairman to fix it.

On the downside, you have to spend some time on the project by watching the DIY video and applying what you learned. It could be a problem if you have a day job. Also, there is a high risk of redoing the repairs, especially if you realize that you are punching above your weight. It should also be noted, however, that you will still spend money on materials.

Hiring a Pro

Opting for professional furniture repairs, Sydney may cost you some money, but it also comes with a warranty. You need not worry about redoing the project. The warranty is a stamp of quality offered by the service provider.

The pros do not cut corners. To an untrained eye, a loose screw is nothing more than that. So, what happens is that the repair is superficial. But the loose screw could also be a symptom of a potentially larger problem. Only a professional can make the correct diagnosis, and your furniture will come out stronger and more stable than before.

Also, professionals can help extend your furniture’s lifespan, which means that you can save money in the long run.


Finally, a good rule of thumb is to calculate how many hours you spent doing the repairs as opposed to hiring a professional. Try to compute your earnings per hour. If you are wasting an inordinate time doing and redoing your work, then maybe you are not actually saving.

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