Wix & WordPress: Which Is Better for SEO?

Wix and WordPress, both are the most popular and widely-employed CMS globally and have a user base of millions. Talking about data, Wix powers around 4.5 million websites, on the other hand, around 28 million websites use WordPress.

The core difference among these platforms is that Wix is a website builder combined with a hosting solution. On the other hand, WordPress is a self-hosted and open-source platform or CMS that needs to be hosted on a third-party hosting.

When it comes to which is better for best SEO services, the battle is never-ending as both platforms enjoy millions of active users. In this post, we will have a look at both platforms and check which one is more efficient for search engine practices.

On-page features

When it comes to meta tags, image alt tags optimization, URL optimization, and other elements — both platforms bring in the same features and flexibility. Both platforms offer seamless integration with Google Analytics so that you won’t miss anything on important data. Along with this, both platforms also support schema markup so both will help you with advanced SEO implementation.

So, in terms of on-page optimization and ease of implementing the changes, both platforms offer you equal convenience. However, if you need to implement some advanced features and need to install custom-made tools, then WordPress is more flexible than Wix. If you are a small business and just getting started online, then both platforms are robust for your business.

Organic traffic

When it comes to SEO, it’s important to know which platform gets how much organic traffic worldwide. According to a survey done by Ahrefs, 46% of websites built on WordPress get some organic traffic from search engines. On the other hand, it’s only 1.4% with Wix.

In simple terms, when a user searches for a keyword, the chances of a WordPress site appearing on search results is more than a Wix website. However, you need to keep in mind that the survey is done on a fixed number of websites as analyzing all the websites is impossible.

Advantages with WordPress

The biggest advantage that WordPress gives to its users is higher flexibility and the ability to modify the default changes. As it’s a self-hosted platform, users can take advantage of improving their website’s speed by opting for cloud hosting to similar better options. Speed is among the major ranking factors and here WordPress gives an edge to its users.

Along with this, there are several free and paid SEO plugins available in WordPress that help website owners to optimize their site with greater ease. In addition to this, users can also automate various manual tasks like taking site backup, fixing links, optimizing URLs, and more with plugins.

If you have the basic technical knowledge and you know how to fix basic codes, then WordPress is the best platform as it lets you draft custom features. Even if you are just starting out but you need to have more control over the technical aspects of SEO, then WordPress is the best platform to pick.

Advantages with Wix

Wix brings more simplicity to your business and SEO compared to WordPress. As it also offers hosting services, you don’t have to worry about managing nmaps, hosting integration, and all. You only need to create your account, build a website and host it on the go. Even if you’re not familiar with performing SEO activities, this platform makes it easier for you.

Wix platform is getting more features-rich every passing day it also gives you many options to optimize your website’s SEO. Earlier you had to fix various SEO issues manually, but now the platform handles the majority of things on its own.

Final thoughts — WordPress or Wix for SEO

When it comes to SEO, both platforms offer you the same functionalities to boost your website’s SEO performance. The major difference in both of them is in terms of usage and user experience. You need to decide whether you need simplicity or you need more control over every aspect of your website to hone the performance.

If you are getting started with an online business and you don’t want to get involved in technical details then Wix is the best platform for you. It can manage all the basic and advanced SEO implementations of your website. As this platform is adding more features to improve search visibility and user experience, you will never get disappointed by this platform.

On the other hand, WordPress gives you more comprehensive access to technical aspects of your website to tap into the advanced features. If you are into technical hands-on and you prefer to make technical changes on your own, then WordPress is the right option for your website. Whichever platform you choose, both offer you the same opportunities to boost your website’s performance.

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