Workout Mats To Consider

Workout Mats To Consider

There are a whole host of different types of workout mats available in the market. They are all unique and they all serve different goals. Just as an example, most gyms will have rubber flooring and especially so when it comes to the area around the free weights. These types of mats are able to absorb the impact of people dropping weights. It will also provide enough support so that the concrete or the wood underneath is not affected.

Yet another type of exercise mat are the ones made for Pilates and/or Yoga. There are specific types of mats made especially for these types of exercises. These mats are known for their non-slip features that make them good in terms of preventing people from falling and hence, preventing injuries.

On the other hand, exercise mats are good for providing proper cushioning. This will ensure that people who use these mats will suffer from pains and aches. Therefore, it is very important that you understand what you are going to be using the mats for. This will help you make the right choice when it comes to buy personalised mats.

Choosing a Mat

Experts have all opined on the fact that a proper workout mat has to have certain features like proper grip, comfort, and also balance. It is, however, recommended that you use some particular mats for some particular types of exercises.

Weight Training

If you are going to be using weights to train at home, then you need to get an exercise mat that will be able to protect your floors when you drop the weights. Consider rubber mats that are similar to the ones that you find in gyms. This will ensure that your floors stay protected.

The mat should ideally be able to offer the following benefits. It has to be durable, resistant to water and odor, proper traction, and also reduce the impact when the weights are dropped.

Weight training is able to provide a number of benefits and it can benefit the body in the following ways:

  • More lean muscles
  • Metabolic Rates are increased
  • Bone density goes up
  • It will reduce the probability of injury
  • It will rebuild muscle tissue.

Pilates and yoga

There are specific types of mats that are made for Pilates and Yoga and if you use either methods to conduct your workout, then you need to get those mats. Reasons why you should consider doing Yoga or Pilates include the following:

  • Better posture and also better flexibility
  • More toned muscles and better cardiovascular health in general
  • Weight management
  • Stress reduction

Most experts have all opined that when you perform your Pilates exercises on these mats, it will greatly help you improve your balance and also reduce the stress on your back.

Another great reason to take up Yoga or Pilates is due to the overall improvement in mental health it is able to provide people. It helps people to focus on the positive aspects of their life and it also helps with getting proper mental clarity. This can really help people cope with difficult situations that life throws at them.

Exercise mats

A lot of people use exercise mats in order to properly train the core muscles. They will normally do exercises like pushups, crunches, and a lot more. Some of the reasons why you may want to do these exercises are:

  • It will improve your spinal stability
  • It will reduce risk of injury
  • Increase control and also support from your limbs
  • Better consumption of oxygen.

Workout Mats To Consider


This particular mat has 12 tiles that interlock and can cover an area of around 48 square feet. This means that this particular mat will be well suited for those who are used to working out at the local gym.

This particular mat is soft and flexible and it has a lot of impact resistance foam. This will ensure that your flooring does not suffer any damage.

These particular mats are available to be bought online.

ProsourceFit Puzzle

This particular mat comes with a lot of tiles that interlock and it has the ability to cover from 24 to about 144 square feet of space. This is a particularly large mat and it is a very good option for gyms in your home, working out on the floors, and a whole lot more.

Another great feature of this mat is that it is very durable and also is sort of non-skid. This will make sure that your chances of getting injured on the mat is pretty slim.

Just like the previous mat mentioned in this article, you can also buy this one online.

Warrior Mat

As you can probably guess from the name of the product, this particular mat is made for intensive workouts. It has been designed to provide proper cushioning to the joints, has anti-odor properties and also slip-free properties on both wet and also dry surfaces.

This particular mat does make use of rubber but the company has adamantly stated that they get their rubber from an all natural and also an ethical source. The upper part of the mat is made completely with polyurethane leather and the bottom part of the mat is made completely from rubber.

All in all, these mats can be an impressive addition to just about any home gym. With there being no signs of Covid ending anytime soon, it may be a while till we get to go back to our gyms. However, with the help of these exercise mats, you can still workout and stay fit without ever having to step foot inside a gym.

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