xFyro ANC

xFyro ANC: AI-Powered True-Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are some of the most convenient pieces of technology around. They offer quick access to your favorite music, are easy to carry, and many products are ergonomically designed to fit your ear perfectly. Best of all, cutting-edge technology has provided them with noise-suppressing features.

XFyro ANC Pro ticks all those boxes. Powered by advanced AI, this model allows you to customize your listening experience and is built to withstand the elements. Let’s see what makes them some of the best wireless earbuds on the market.

Polished Active Noise Cancelation

One of the main highlights of the earbuds is enhanced ANC (active noise cancelation). Using machine learning and dual-beamforming mics, the AI-powered gadget can pick up more than 6,000 sounds. It reacts rapidly to categorize the noises and respond to them before reaching your ears.

As a result, it intercepts the sounds and determines which are essential and which are non-essential. It allows critical noises to pass through without stopping your music and cancels out the other sounds.

With such a sophisticated system, you can listen to your tunes without being oblivious to your surroundings. If you’re near sirens, alarms, approaching traffic, or other risks, the earbuds won’t drown them out. You’ll also hear any voices addressing you, such as the bus driver, barista, colleague, or neighbor.

The only downside to ANC is the extra strain on the battery. However, you can overcome this obstacle by shutting it down to extend your listening sessions.

Graphene for Crisp Audio

Active noise suppression isn’t the only feature of xFyro ANC. You also get speakers made of graphene, one of the strongest and thinnest materials on the planet.

The substance provides the earbuds with accurate vibration and amplification without degrading the audio. As it’s a nano-particle, it’s perfect for true wireless earbuds with tiny yet powerful speakers.

Furthermore, the seven-millimeter speakers deliver loud audio that rivals most headphones. It’s cleaner across a broad range with thicker bass beats.

Nearly Infinite Battery

Low battery life is one of the biggest problems with most earbuds, but not with ANC Pro. Instead of the standard two or three hours of playback, you get 10 hours per charge. Coupled with 90 extra hours in your carrying case, there are 100 hours of continuous listening in your pocket.

As previously mentioned, AI-powered noise suppression reduces the battery life – but not dramatically. You still get around eight hours of service, outperforming most earbuds without any advanced modes activated.

What’s more, the charging itself doesn’t take too long. You need just 15 minutes to charge the device with the case, and the case itself takes two hours to charge with a USB-c port.

Admirable Water and Dust Protection

XFyro’s most famous earbuds, ARIA, broke the internet with their superior waterproofing. ANC Pro isn’t on the same level, but it makes the grade nonetheless.

IPX5-rated, the model can withstand any weather, from light showers to downpours. Profuse sweating won’t jeopardize their sound quality or structural integrity, either. You can wear them during the most intense running or weightlifting sessions without risking damage.

On top of that, xFyro ANC Pro is shockproof and reinforced to safeguard against regular wear and tear. The buttonless and sealed exterior keeps them safe from dust and offers a sleek look.

Supreme Portability

Another great thing about ANC Pro is the compact design. Unlike bulky over-ear headphones, the earbuds and the carrying case are small enough to fit your hand. Plus, the case is just two inches wide, taking up minimal space in your pockets or bag.

All About Comfort

The manufacturer developed a streamlined inner-ear fit to ensure you can comfortably wear xFyro ANC for hours on end. The earbuds feel great due to an ergonomic tip that conforms to the natural shape of the ear.

Moreover, there’s no need to jam the item in the ear. You can slide it in effortlessly, and it’ll stay firmly in place, without causing any soreness or itching.

Instant Pairing and Access to Digital Assistants

xFyro features Bluetooth 5.0, the finest earbud wireless technology, to provide instant pairing between your devices and a lag-free listening experience. The range is 30 feet, meaning you won’t be restricted to a single location while the earbuds are active.

Complementing Bluetooth 5.0 is the much-needed digital assistant access. You can use both Google and Siri to place calls or send messages without taking the earbuds out of your ear.

Tunes Galore With xFyro ANC

XFyro ANC Pro addresses most problems associated with traditional earbuds. They prevent unnecessary noises from interfering with your playlists and keep you on top of your surroundings simultaneously. There’s also a high-capacity battery for 100 hours of uninterrupted tracks, which is impressive for such a small device. To top it all off, the model is extremely comfortable and doesn’t put pressure on your ear.

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