Acrylic paint markers have a lot of appeal and charm when you need to engage your kids during their school holidays or if you need to decorate your house with some DIY’s projects. These acrylic paint markers are preferred over the traditional artist acrylic painting that is done by utilizing paintbrushes and palettes. What makes them so useful? What is so special and appealing about the work done by using these acrylic paint pen?



‘Paint marker’ term is used to refer the acrylic paint markers, oil-based markers, and permanent ink marker pens. Before you purchase them, it is important to know what precisely are these acrylic paint markers. First of all, you should know the difference between oil-based paint pen and acrylic ones, and what makes people prefer acrylic pens over oil-based pens. Before using the oil-based pens you have to shake the pen energetically to make the ball bearing mix with the oil. Not only that, but they also leave a strong odor that does not make them ideal for the use of children. Oil-based pens also take a much longer time to dry as compared to acrylic pens.

Though the surfaces they are used on are not too different from their acrylic alternatives, the behavior of oil-based markers is a bit different. It goes well on porous surfaces and is advantageous in the sense that it does not need to be sealed. However, they are more prone to flow on non-porous surfaces like paper and cards.

Sometimes the permanent pens such as Sharpie®, are confused for the paint pens, however, there is a vital difference between them. Permanent pens are ink-based as opposed to paint-based and that make them behave differently. They can dry fast and their ink works well on white surfaces but it doesn’t show up on darker surfaces and not even on porous surfaces. With ink of permanent pens, blending and layering is not possible. That makes the acrylic paint marker pens more suitable for use, as it is a new technology using water-based acrylic paint. They are easy to use and handle that’s why they are increasing prevalence.


Acrylic pens are quite popular among all ages as they are water-based paints with having no strong odour like oil-based paints, that makes them ideal for the use of children as well for their fun painting activity.

While being permanent, the acrylic marker pens offer an excellent trade off by being easily washed off from your hands with soap. It’s better to wear an apron to guard against the paint accidently getting on your clothes because once the paint is dry it becomes permanent. Make sure the paint is food safe if you desire to use acrylic paint pens on the items that you use for consuming food and drinks. It is important to check their food safety as most paint pens in the market are intended for the decorative purposes. As for putting your decorative work through a dishwasher, some companies say that it will not ruin your work however, we would recommend to avoid this, because it is quite risky and you don’t want to put your hard work and effort in a dishwasher to get ruined. Last but not the least, make sure the pens you buy are non-toxic.


In plain words, acrylic marker pens can be practiced on anything like porcelain, glass, plastic, fabric, wood, metal, rubber, or leather. Surface being light or dark, smooth or rough makes no difference on the appearance and display of acrylic marker pens. While decorating a mug, a key ring, or a T-shirt you will find loads of fun and enjoyment doing so with your acrylic paint marker pens. Acrylic paint pens are most popularly used for rocking painting also known as stone or pebble painting. Varying shapes and sizes of rocks painted nicely using the acrylic pens make a dazzling ornament for kid’s bedrooms or you can also organize them into a nice present to gift others.


It is true that most of the acrylic pen markers are sold as being permanent. The paint from good quality acrylic pens will end up drying permanently on a porous surface like wood, fabric, paper, and stone. So, you can use these pens with confidence for your art work as they will not disappoint you.

On non-porous surface such as glass, mirror, ceramic or metal, once the paint has dried it will not become permanent, completely. Unlike porous surface, it would take longer to dry on a non-porous surface. The acrylic paint is prone to cracking and chipping on a glossy surface. Among many people, it is a common practice to place the dry painted ceramic or porcelain in the oven because it gives your painting more vibrant colors and also allows the paint to become more permanent and nicely settled. However, before putting the ceramic or porcelain in oven make sure your oven is safe for them.

To protect your decorated work against cracking and chipping, you can easily seal it with a varnish spray to make it more permanent and preserved. For ideal sealing purpose, use the acrylic based varnishes like Montana™ Gold varnish spray, available in gloss, semi-gloss and matt. It is safe to carry out the varnish spray by an adult or at least under the supervision or presence of an adult.


The acrylic paint pens are less fiddly and not messy at all as compared to the paints that are to be used by brushes this is one the biggest advantages of these paint pens.

Cleaning of brushes and pallets is not required. All you need to do is to put the lid back on the pen when you are done with your work. Not only that but, there is also no wastage of paint like there is with traditional painting where paint is often left in the pallet. However, the main advantage is that most people feel they have better control with a pen than they do with a brush. Seeing as the majority of us use pens or pencils habitually this makes perfect sense. Ensure you pick pens that are basic and simple to begin with. Stango acrylic paint pens only need some shaking and afterward push down the nib on some paper or card until you see the paint descend.

A few pens have reversible nibs or tips with the purpose that you get the utilization of two distinctive style nibs in one piece. The idea of these is acceptable, nonetheless, be cautioned they are complex. Typically, a couple of metal tweezers is provided and, even then, it tends to be chaotic turning the nibs around particularly when they are wet. There is additionally a peril that the nibs may get harmed while attempting to switch them. On the off chance that young children are using the pens, it isn’t prescribed to allow them to reverse the nibs as they are small and can be handily dropped or lost.

An analysis frequently referred to against paint pens is that you can’t perceive how much paint you have left meaning you risk running out of colors while in the middle of your painting! On certain events, clients have reported that the paint runs out so rapidly that they doubt the pens were full in the first place! There can be nothing more baffling than not having the option to polish off your innovative work due to out of the blue running out of paint.

To help get around this, Stango paint producer pens utilize transparent barrels so you can see that they are full. Since you can undoubtedly screen the degree of paint consistently, you can properly manage with your task to reach completion. If you see that one specific color is coming up short, finish the segment you are dealing with and change to another color.


The viability of any acrylic paint is as good as the quality of the paint itself and the color levels it contains. Just as the paint, the quality of the nib or the tip will likewise have a major impact. A great paint pen can be utilized to make superb impacts.


It is the ability to put one color on top of another shading. When the paint is dry, another shading (or a similar one) can undoubtedly lay over it with ease because the acrylic paint dries rapidly on porous surfaces.

Good acrylic paint will be hazy, meaning that only one layer is needed to give you adequate inclusion. Notwithstanding, there will be occasions where you have an article with a dim surface, for example, a stone, which may require an extra layer to cover it.

You can also cover up the dark object at first in white with the goal that it goes about as an undercoat on which more bright and vibrant layers can be built. These extra layers will sit well on the undercoat and show up more energetic having the white base underneath them.


Regardless of being quick drying on most surfaces, acrylic paint markers can be utilized to merge colors to produce new tones. This will in general be further developed users as it should be done while the paint is still wet.

Mixing permits you to make a huge range of colors that go past the blends you get in your bunch of pens to begin with. It furthermore spares you from purchasing colors that you did not wanted. If you have a decent choice of colors in the first place you will not have to mix again and again except if you need to.


On the off chance that you wish to add outlines or borders to your work, you will require an additional fine nib for this. The thickness of the nib required, nonetheless, relies upon the size of your plan and how thin an outline you require.

Despite the normal view, acrylic paint pens do not generally give the most ideal alternative for outlining your tones as the thinner nib pens are not in every case adequately exact for nitty-gritty work of art. Since they are that a lot thinner, they will be more vulnerable than the thicker nibs and conflict all the more effectively – particularly on harsher surfaces. A decent quality nib will give you a reliable stream with a smooth activity.

Stango pens are made with exceptionally pigmented paint, sturdy fiber nibs and prepared with a spring-like instrument that manages the volume of paint that comes out of the tip.


Also, the great quality paint, you will need lively shadings that hotshot your fine art. In the event that the paint utilized in your pens contains a lot of water it will unfavorably influence the vibrancy of the shadings just as the capacity to layer the tones successfully. You will need a bunch of markers with a decent scope of shadings so you can shift your undertakings and possibly mix new tones when you need to. Acrylic paint pens either dry with a matt completion or a shine one. So, you ought to consider which kind of finish you might want. On the off chance that you lean toward a sparkle, at that point go with gleam.

If you are after some radiance in your craft you might need to consider having gold and silver tones – particularly in the event that you are embellishing anything identified with Christmas or for a festival. Generally, oil-based paint has consistently been utilized with regards to working with metallic tones, however over late years acrylic paint pens have created to turn into a commendable other option.


Most acrylic pens seem alike in appearance, making it difficult to distinguish what you are purchasing.  Even though the feasible results of what you can create and customize are limitless. You should consider what surface you might want to paint on and how your paint will act on that particular surface. Hopefully, this way you will get the best outcomes.

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