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How to Choose a Coffee Machine for Your Home: A Guide to Choosing

For starters, you just have to have a coffee machine at home. Every coffee lover knows that there is nothing better than making yourself a nice cup of coffee in the morning, right in your home kitchen, while you are watching updates at online casino Canada. These days, there is a huge selection of coffee makers for the home, and you can choose anything from a simple coffee maker to a multifunctional coffee machine. You will be able to choose the machine that will be optimal in terms of budget and will fully meet your needs for a strong flavorful drink.

Let’s see what types of coffee machines there are, how they differ from each other, and which is the best one to choose for home use. You will be able to choose the coffee machine that will fully meet your desires and will be optimal on a budget.

What Is a Coffee Machine, Its Application

A coffee machine is a machine for making coffee in the home. The first coffee machine appeared in the middle of the XIX century and was a bulky device that could brew coffee using steam pressure. Its creator was the Frenchman Edward Loisel De Sant. It was he who first invented the coffee machine and presented it to the public. The first coffee machine had a lot of drawbacks: it was too big, the coffee was overcooked, it was impossible to change the steam pressure, and in general, the whole device was highly explosive. It was only in 1901 that Italian Luigi Bezzera received a patent for an improved steam coffee machine, more compact and practical. That was how the world knew about the first espresso machine. Technological progress did not stand still, and now we have a huge selection of different models of coffee machines. You can choose from the capsule, carob, pod or espresso combines and prepares any kind of coffee drink from espresso to Raffa and latte.

The coffee machine has many advantages: it can grind coffee beans and measure the amount of water and milk, depending on the settings, whip milk, remove the spent grinding in a special waste container, and make automatic cleaning. At the same time, human action for coffee preparation in the coffee machine is minimal.

Here it is impossible not to mention coffee makers (they are often confused with coffee machines). A coffee maker is a device for making a drink from ground coffee, it does not have a grinder. There are different types of coffee machines in terms of the degree of automation and human involvement in the process of making coffee. The most popular are carob, capsule, and drip coffee makers.

What to choose – a coffee machine or a coffee maker – is entirely up to you. In any case, when choosing a machine for making coffee at home, you should understand the types of devices.

Types of Coffee Machines

The general principle of the device is to pass water heated to a certain temperature under pressure through the ground coffee, at the output you get a fragrant smoky drink. Any coffee-making device at home should be compact, so that it can be conveniently placed on the kitchen table, and quiet so that the noise from the operation of the device does not wake up all the neighbors around. Different types of coffee machines have different sizes, noise levels, options, and, of course, the cost. Let’s look at what options are available.


Carob machines are referred to as coffee makers. They do not have a built-in grinder, and the ground coffee is poured into a special container – a holder or in another way “horn”. Espresso or espresso coffee can be made in espresso horns. To make a strong drink, you poured the ground beans into the bag, pressed it with the tempera, and inserted it into the pot. Then hot water at 8-9 bars goes through the Holder and you get a ready espresso. The difficulty of using carob coffee makers at home is that the taste of the drink will depend on the proper tamping of coffee in the holder.

On a side note: Tempering (tamping ground coffee in the Holder) is an art form. If too much is pressed, the espresso will be bitter and oily, if not enough – liquid and tasteless.


Capsule devices refer to automatic coffee makers. To make coffee, instead of ground powder, as in carob coffee makers, a special capsule with ground coffee in foil or plastic packaging is used. The capsule is placed in the coffee maker, pierced and the hot water passes through the capsule and the output is a ready aromatic beverage. Capsule coffee makers are very convenient for home use. They do not require special maintenance, they practically do not get dirty (you just clean a special container with spent capsules), take up little space.

Note: Capsule coffee makers are popular because of the low cost and the ability to choose a capsule of different varieties and flavors of coffee. One capsule equals one cup of coffee.


Dish coffee makers are one of the varieties of carob coffee machines. The only difference is the design of the cone. It has a flat wide filter for placing the cup. Charlie is a special perforated paper bag with a compressed coffee, designed for one drink. The beverage prepared in a coffee pod coffee maker is rich and strong.

Note: Oxygen bleached pulp is used as a paper for pods. It is absolutely neutral and odorless.

Espresso Machine

A semi-automatic machine that combines the horn principle and a built-in coffee grinder. Typically, the espresso machine is chosen for professional use in restaurants and coffee shops with medium traffic, but for home use it is excellent. To prepare coffee in an espresso machine, you can use both beans and ground coffee. Don’t miss going through these espresso machine recommendations.

Note: After each brew of coffee you need to thoroughly rinse the holding tank.


To make coffee in an automatic coffee machine, it is enough to press one button, all the rest the device will do itself. You only need to periodically refill the water, pour the coffee beans and do the cleaning.

What Coffee Machine and Coffee Maker to Choose for Your Home

A home coffee machine is a long-term purchase, so you should choose carefully and understand the characteristics of the devices.

Type of Control

Coffee machines and coffee machines can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic, which differ in terms of convenience and cost.

  • Automatic machines. We have already talked about it above. In automatic machines, human action is reduced to a minimum, all the basic work of brewing coffee for him is done by the machine. All you need to do to start work is to pour water, pour the beans and press the button.
  • Semi-automatic machines. Devices require the constant presence of a man in the process of making coffee, to turn on / off the coffee machine, pour and tamp the required amount of ground powder, etc.

Dimensions and Installation Location

Often it’s not even the type of coffee machine or the price, but the dimensions that matter a lot when choosing a coffee machine for your home. It is necessary to consider not only the place of installation of the unit but also leave room on the sides of the machine, on top – for easy pouring of beans and behind – for easy access to tanks with water.

The Mechanism of Heating, Power, and Performance

The mechanism of water heating in coffee machines can be represented in two types: boiler and thermoblock.

  • The boiler is a container inside the body of the device. Water in the boiler is refilled each time after making a portion of coffee, and the next time the machine heats the entire volume of water. Because of this work of the heating mechanism, a more quick scale is formed, which means that the device must be cleaned more often. Coffee machines with a boiler are a better choice for professional use, where you need high-performance appliances.
  • Thermoblock – for coffee preparation is used and heated only the amount of water that is needed, the remaining water is drained and stored in a special tank. Machines with a thermoblock are good for home use: their energy costs are lower, the water heats up faster and you don’t have to clean the machine as often.

The coffee machine market offers various devices with power from 800 watts up to 2500 watts. For home, the device is suitable with a capacity of up to 1500 watts.

On a side note: Depending on the power depends on the speed of brewing the drink, the more powerful the machine, the faster the coffee will be ready. But the water for a quick-cooking time will not have time to soak up the flavor of coffee beans and the taste will be less strong and rich.

The capacity of a coffee machine is measured in the number of servings per day. For a home or small office there will be suitable machines with an average performance of up to 50 cups of coffee per day.

Peculiarities of Care for Coffee Machines

As with any technique, the coffee machine requires care, especially the brewing mechanism. There are two types – removable and non-removable mechanisms.

  • Removable – the vessel will need to be removed and cleaned by hand. In this case the pipes of the hydraulic system, which accumulate over time, you can wash only with special cleaning tablets.
  • Non-removable – in this case, the coffee machine itself determines when it is necessary to clean the system, and you only have to insert the cleaning tablet and press the button. Non-removable brewing mechanism is more hygienic, but also costs more than a removable one.

What Else Do You Need to Pay Attention To?

  • Cappuccinator. If you prefer cappuccinos or lattes, you need a built-in cappuccinator. Without it, you won’t be able to create that very airy milk foam.
  • Cup warmer. In order to make good coffee, you need to heat your cup. Some models of coffee machines have such an option – the tray of the machine warms the dishes to the desired temperature.
  • Internal memory. A very useful and convenient thing. If everyone in your family likes different coffee drinks and not to reconfigure the device every time, you can just put the settings and save, to make your drink just select your name from the list and press the button.

What Coffee Machine Manufacturer to Choose

Nowadays on the Internet, it is not difficult to find reviews on any product, and coffee machines are no exception. As a rule, users prefer to choose for personal use devices of famous brands, which have proven themselves in the market. Such manufacturers are not so much:

  • Philips Saeco – perhaps the most popular brand. The company specializes in the production of coffee machines, so you can find models for every taste and purse.
  • Jura is a Swiss brand that has become a leader in the world market of automatic coffee machines. You can check out some of the best Jura Coffee Maker at Porta Filter.
  • DeLonghi is an absolute love of customers. The Italian brand offers quite affordable coffee equipment.
  • Krups is a progressive company, which always equips its coffee machines with a lot of additional functions.
  • Bork may not be the most popular brand, but it has managed to prove the high quality of coffee machines for homes and offices on the market.

Instead of Conclusion

As you can see, choosing a coffee machine is not so difficult, just decide what you want from the machine, what functions are important to you: whether you need a cappuccino or the option of simultaneous preparation of two cups. Then you can easily decide which model you need.

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