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Major Exterior Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Detailing your car at home and expecting to get similar professional results as you would in a professional auto detailing is difficult. However, with the high quality car-detailing products available in the market, one thing is for sure that your efforts will not go to waste. So, if you want to get impressive, spotless exterior and interior car detailing results as professionals, then here are some of the common car detailing mistakes to avoid.

Car detailing is an essential car cleaning procedure and this is why people approach professionals for it. However, if you want to do it for the first time, then you should be aware of the proper protocols and products to get the best results.

Incorrect car detailing practices

Inappropriate car detailing measures can damage your car drastically. If you are using the wrong approach, then you are just scratching and destroying your car. Some of the inappropriate car detailing measures include:

Cleaning in open area

A lot of people clean their car in open areas instead of in the garage or closed parking area. The open area helps them see the dirt, spots better and provides them sufficient space to comfortably clean their car.

But cleaning your car under the sun causes havoc on the exterior of your vehicle. The additional heat makes the water and soap mixture dry up really fast, leaving your car with difficult to remove stains and spots.

Cleaning from above to below

Another common mistake which people make is cleaning their car from above to bottom. Though it may be seen as a good method to clean things like this, when you want to clean your vehicles, it is the last mistake you would want to make. The reasons behind it are:

  • The wheels of the car are the dirtiest. If the brake dust and grime on your tires aren’t cleaned effectively, it can corrode the rim of the tires.
  • If you clean the wheels last, there is a good chance the grime, mud from the wheel will splash all over a-minute before cleaned and polished vehicle.

Choosing the wrong product for the wrong goals

There are several car cleaning products available in the market, but you should always read the labels and choose the right one for your car. People often choose products designed for different purposes than what they propose to clean it with. Some of the examples are:

  • Using acid cleaner on the framework of your car

Acid cleaners are used to clean dirt and dust from tires. But, people often used it to scrub the stubborn grime from their vehicle’s structure. This wipes out the clear coat of your vehicle interior cleaning and leaves it unpolished, faded and dented.

  • Using regular towel in placer of a microfiber cloth

Drying your car with a normal towel will make it dirtier rather than cleaning it. Normal towels grind dirt and dust into the car and may leave rough spots.

Hence, it is advisable to use a microfiber cloth. They are soft and clear the water residue effectively. They absorb the impurities from the surface of your car and offer a clean finish.

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