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Siliguri’s Best Kept Secret – Gulma

Nestled on the shores of the rocky Mahananda river, Gulma, situated on the outskirts of Siliguri in West Bengal, is one of the most unexplored and offbeat places near Siliguri. A scenic destination to spend quality time with your family and friends, Gulma will make you forget popular hill stations owing to its peaceful surroundings and breathtaking Darjeeling hills.

Furthermore, the most attractive aspect of Gulma is the peace, which is far beyond what you will find on other bustling hill stations. With its lush-green woodlands, brooks, and hills creating an enlivening vibe, Gulma should be the next weekend getaway destination you can explore by booking car rentals in Siliguri for a relaxing road trip.

A glimpse of the quaint Gulma town

Gulma is a quaint town situated on the periphery of Siliguri, roughly 15 Kms away. Sightseers can reach the town quickly if they take a shortcut by the North Bengal Safari central gate. Also, the best time to visit this town is during the rainy season when this place gets filled with lush greenery. Moreover, rains beautify offbeat places as the playful Mahananda river shimmers with colourful stones and nearby wildlife.

Top attractions to visit in Gulma

Nestled amidst stunning woody forests, Gulma offers a mystical and serene ambience with its jaw-dropping vistas, lush green forests, and sprawling fields carpeted with blooms that are enough to leave you mesmerised. Some of the famous scenic attractions in Gulma are as follows:

  • Ewam India Buddhist Monastery

When you travel to Gulma from Siliguri, the tranquillity of Ewam India Buddhist monastery some 11 Kms away will enchant you. The gorgeous prayer bells, gongs, and the silence of the area enveloped by the Gulma forest will make you relax and meditate for long hours. Moreover, the Buddha shrine inside this monastery is quite an artistic wonder.

  • Rail Bridge

Another scenic attraction in Gulma is the famous Rail Bridge. The existing part of the Mahananda river is decorated with this strong rail bridge, some 20 minutes from the famous Gulma picnic ground. Located near the Gulma railway station, this bridge offers some scenic vistas of the Mahanadi river and takes you to the other end towards the forests.

  • The Mahananda River

While it owns quite a rugged landscape by the valley, the Mahananda river in Gulma is sluggish, owing to the plain meadows. The rocky river basin and walkable topography make it quite a magnificent landscape that you can cross over to explore the shores on either side.

  • Elephant Crossing Zone

By the other flank of the Mahananda river, there is a little gravel track toward the woods known as the elephant crossing zone, a perfect place to go hiking with your family and friends. Nestled in the lap of lush nature, the picturesque landscape of this area in Gulma is mesmerising. In addition, during the rainy season, travellers can readily spot the wild elephant and other animal species crossing the river with their clans, and it’s honestly quite a wonderful sight to behold.

Snuggled in the lap of the Mahanadi river, Gulma is unquestionably a nature’s delight yet to be explored by travellers. So if you are planning to tread on the path less travelled this summer, Gulma is the place you can explore by hiring a taxi from a cab booking app for the most comfortable and soul-soothing travelling experience.

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