The Rarest Diseases of The Eye

The Rarest Diseases of The Eye

A disease in the US is characterised as ‘rare’ if it affects less than 200,000 people. In this article, we will look at some of the rarest diseases of the eye and see if Hatian Eye Doctors in Miami treat them with innovation and advanced medical science. Let’s dive in.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

This condition of the eye is straight out of a horror movie wherein due to severe vision loss in both eyes results in hallucinations-geometric patterns, things, animals and even people- visions that are as far off the reality as it can get. However, most patients know that the images they are seeing are not real and have a firm grip on reality. Although there is no treatment or cure for the syndrome, most opthamologists suggest that it helps to blink your eyes several times or switch from dark to light rooms and vice versa. It also helps to relax and move around. About 500 in 100,000 patients are affected by this disorder.

Haemolacria (Bloody Tears)

Well, we can’t help but notice how this list keeps on inspiring horror movie writers. Jokes apart, this condition is extremely rare although can be triggered by a lot of bodily disorders such as high blood pressure, nose bleeds, tumors in the eye, hemophilia, nosebleeds etc. Once the exact cause is known doctors treat them and the problem is mitigated.

Retinitis Pigmentosa

This is a genetic disorder in which the patient loses vision in their eyes as they keep on ageing. It begins with difficulty to see at night, and then lose details on the side or their peripheral vision. Color begins to fade soon and the central vision-which is the ability to see the objects directly in front of you gets lost. Although there is no cure, opthamologists are using innovations such as bionic eyes to restore vision. Alternatively, gene therapies and retinal implants are also used to improve the patients’ vision.

Usher Syndrome

The above-mentioned disorder- retinitis pigmentosa is a part of a broader genetic condition known as the Usher Syndrome. This one affects vision, hearing and balance. Again, there is no physical cure but gene therapies by Haitian Eye Doctors in Miami have shown immense promise. Multimed USA which has hundreds of well qualified and experienced opthamologist on its provider network can help you find the right doctor with discount plans that makes an otherwise expensive treatment affordable.


This disease is the cancer of the eye and affects children below 5 years of age. In this condition, retinal cells undergo a boom in growth causing tumors to form in one or both the eyes. This cancer has a tendency to spread to other parts of the body as well- bones, muscle and skin. Since the cancer is hereditary the siblings and even the children of such patients are at high risk of developing the disease. Early detection is the only way to preserve vision as well as save the life of the child. Treatment includes-chemotherapy, laser therapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy and surgery.

Best Disease

In this condition an egg yolk like residue accumulates in the macula of the eye. Once the patient reaches 50 plus, this build-up damages central vision and has damaged cells accumulated. Gene therapies, stem and cell therapies have proven to be effective which the doctors are trying on the patients.

Here was a low down on the various rare eye diseases and their treatment options. As seen in most of the cases- gene therapies are providing the scientists with necessary tools to develop the treatment for these conditions in the future.

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