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What Does A Live Dealer Casino Games Business Look Like In Japan?

One of the world’s most popular gambling destinations in Japan.  Japan’s population is estimated to be over  130 million; it has more citizens than any other country in the world. As you might expect, many Japanese enjoy playing live dealer games offered at online casinos. But what does an online casino business look like in this highly regulated industry?

Limited promotions

Japan is set apart from its counterparts overseas in how they are not allowed to offer cash prizes or bonuses for players who have deposited funds. It means that all promotions are limited to play money only, and no person can win real money by playing at these sites without first depositing some of their capital.

No traditional slot machines

Another critical difference between casinos in Japan and those elsewhere is that no traditional slot machines are offered on these platforms – with poker being the main focus. It is because Japan’s National Police Agency classifies games of chance as an illegal form of gambling, even if they are being played online. It means that any slot machine-style game would be treated just like a standard Livecasino and shut down immediately should it ever appear on the market in Japan.

No American-style table games

One of the differences between online casinos in Japan and those elsewhere is how they cannot offer any game that replicates American-style gambling, such as roulette or craps. It means players can only play poker here – which has become very popular since its launch on these platforms about a decade ago.

Casino games based on anime and manga series.

One thing that might surprise you is how some Japanese live dealer casino games are themed around famous characters in their native land; most notably, the Dragonball Z franchise has inspired many of these sites to create Livecasino versions of its table game titles poker or baccarat. Many people worldwide enjoy playing these games, but they are only available on Japanese-based casinos due to legal reasons.

Gambling is a massive part of the country’s culture.

With so many people enjoying gambling every day, it should come as no surprise that Japan is one major country in the online casino business across all industry sectors. However, as mentioned above, it is a highly regulated and controlled industry with many differences from the casinos we see elsewhere in the world.


If you are looking for a gambling experience with tons of American-style table games, traditional slot machines, and promotions galore, then Japan is not the place to be. However, if what you’re after is high-quality Livecasino game entertainment that not only looks good but also fits into your cultural identity (even if it’s just an anime or manga series), then head on over to our online business casinos in Japan. We offer popular Japanese-themed card games like Crazy 8s Poker, Blackjack Jidaiya Style, Red Dog Tako no Hana Cinco de Mayo Edition! There are no American-style table games with few exceptions because most people prefer sitting at tables to socialize while playing against each other.

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