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Which Are The Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers?

Every realtor should present closing gifts for buyers once a real estate deal transaction is closed. As a realtor, you might be wondering – what are the best gifts to give to buyers? Moreover, why do you have to present gifts to your clients while other professionals like doctors and lawyers don’t?

At PrestigeHaus, we are a world-class luxury gift shop and have made a name for ourselves for our one-of-a-kind gift products and unrivaled craftsmanship. For years, we have been helping professionals, families, and friends find the perfect gifts to appreciate the special people in their lives.

The excellent real estate closing gifts a realtor can present to their clients are remarkable and unique to have a lasting impression. Moreover, the gifts should be durable and relevant to be used repeatedly. Additionally, they should be enjoyable to be used around others.

We have a broad collection of outstanding closing gifts for you. Here are some of our top suggestions for unique closing gifts on what you should go for;

  1. Eye-catching liquor decanters

Liquor decanters are ideal for serving a group of people, and we have several offerings, each with a varied approach to sophistication. Our Magellan’s Victoria Decanter features a globe-like glass design with a classic ship inside and is held up by an exquisitely finished wooden stand. We have the Cullinan M Decanter, shaped like a giant cut diamond sitting on a wooden pedestal.

Our Tomoka Gold Decanter is a glass barrel with a ship inside and tap and sits on a fancy stand. Are you a golf fan? We got you covered with the Golf Decanter Set, which looks like three golf balls resting on lush green grass. All the decanters we offer have mind-blowing designs meant to be set up as feature pieces to inspire great conversations.

  1. Exquisite glassware

Moving to a new house is not only tedious, but delicate things like glassware always tend to break. As the realtor who has just sold their clients the home that they are moving into, perfectly timed closing gifts for buyers can be exquisite glassware. We have an amazing collection of elegantly designed glassware to suit whatever tastes your clients might have. They range from whisky glasses, bar glasses, beer glasses, rock glasses to military glassware and firefighter glassware. Some of the most desirable glassware gift pieces that you can get from us are;

  • Science of Whiskey glass set
  • Spinning Globe whiskey glasses
  • Gold glasses
  • Diamond glasses
  • Baseball glasses
  • Barrel glasses
  • Soccer glasses
  • USA Great Seal whiskey glasses
  1. Engraved bar or serving tray

An engraved bar tray or serving tray is an ideal homebuyer’s gift as it can be used every day and on special occasions. You can have the engraving on the tray personalized to wish the new homeowners well or mark their new home address. We offer city/state, nautical, monogram, Marine Corps, dog breed, firefighter, aviation, police officer, golf, and new home bar tray designs that can all be customized.

Why should a realtor give real estate closing gifts?

  1. A great way to show appreciation

We live in a world where customers want to feel valued and appreciated. As a realtor, it’s the great customer relations you build in your career that drive you to success. One of the best ways to build lasting relationships with customers is by showing appreciation that they chose you to be their realtor. Closing gifts are an excellent way to show this appreciation as they come in when you are done with the real estate transaction.

  1. The perfect way to drive customer referrals

In the real estate market, referrals are the surest way to land customers who are serious about making a property purchase. By providing closing gifts to your clients, it means that you can always find yourself being the subject of conversation at some point when their friends, family, and colleagues come over for a housewarming. During such gatherings, it’s likely some people will take a keen interest in your real estate offerings and customer service and end up being referred to you as clients.

  1. An excellent way to drive positive online reviews

As the internet has become an essential part of almost everyone’s life, most real estate clients go online to find an excellent real estate agent or to decide whether to close a real estate deal with you or not. Giving closing gifts for buyers means that you will stay on top of their minds, and they will likely leave a positive review for you online. As a result, you can expect to get more deals are the testimonials will inspire confidence among your new clients.

Why choose PrestigeHaus for closing gifts?

  1. We have an outstanding collection of closing gifts: – As a realtor, you come across clients with different tastes and preferences, and when it comes to closing gifts, there is no one size fits all. You can go through our outstanding collection to find the perfect gift for even the most sophisticated clients.
  2. We have remarkably crafted closing gifts: – A closing gift has failed if the recipient forgets it. If you choose one of our closing gifts, you can be sure that this will never be forgotten as we have remarkably crafted closing gifts designed to always be on the mind of your clients.

Visit our website to check out the real estate closing gifts we have. You can also call or email us for any gifting inquires you might have for any special event coming up.

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