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Why Opt for a Recliner Over a Regular Chair

The best recliner can make you feel like you’re getting a massage each time you sit down. These chairs are designed with your comfort, back support, and posture in mind. So if you want to get a great night of sleep or simply relax after a long day on the job, opt for a recliner over a regular chair.

Recliners come in three types: rocker recliners, lift/recline chair recliners, and standard recliner chairs that can’t raise or move side-to-side. It’s important to ascertain which one is perfect for you before making the purchase.

If You Spend Extended Periods Sitting Down

If your job requires extended periods sitting down or you’re a gamer who spends hours in front of the television, look for an electronic lift/recline chair recliner. This kind of recliner will allow you to get comfortable quickly since it has multiple adjustments and massages built-in.

If You Want More Than Just a Lift or Recline Function

If all you need is a basic lift or recline feature, look for a standard recliner. Standard chairs are easy to find, affordable, and have minimal features. They often come with a matching ottoman and can typically hold up to 300 pounds.

If You Want Massage Features

A massage function is great for those who suffer from back pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects the nerves and tendons in the wrist, controlling movement and feeling in hands and fingers. Massage chairs reduce tension throughout the upper body and offer lumbar support. Recliner massage chairs typically come with heat features for added relief.

If You’re an Elderly Person or Have Limited Mobility

If you’re an elderly person or have limited mobility, a rocker recliner might be the best option for you. Rocker recliners gently sway back and forth, which can help to ease tension in the body. They often come with lift and recline features, making it easy for those with restricted movement to get comfortable.

If You Have a Small Living Space

A lift/recline chair recliner is the perfect option when you’re living in a constrained or limited space; a lift/recline chair recliner is the perfect option. This type of chair doesn’t take up as much space as a standard recliner and still offers all the benefits of a massage chair.

If You Want to Add a Touch of luxury

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, look for a recliner with leather upholstery. These chairs often come with extra features, like cup holders and storage pockets, and tend to be more expensive than standard recliners.

If You’re a Pet Owner

When you own a pet, it’s ideal to look for a recliner that’s made with pet hair and fur in mind. Many recliners now come with special fabric that’s resistant to dirt and pet hair, making it easy to keep your chair clean.

If You’re Shopping on a Budget

If you’re shopping on a budget, a standard recliner is the best option. These chairs can be found for as little as $200 and usually don’t have many features. Just be sure to test out the chair before you buy it to make sure it’s comfortable for you.

If You Have a Large Living Space

If you have a large living space, a rocker recliner might be the best option. Rocker recliners are larger than standard recliners and can often hold up to 500 pounds. They also come with various features, like heaters and massage functions, making them perfect for those who want to relax in style.

If You’re Looking for a Statement Piece

When hunting for a statement piece, try looking for a recliner with unique features. It could be anything from a built-in sound system to leather upholstery. These chairs often come with a higher price tag, but they’re perfect for those who want to make their home stand out.

If You’re a Gamer or Use a Computer

If you’re prone to spending time in front of a computer, look for an ergonomic recliner. Ergonomic chairs have features like built-in lumbar support and adjustable armrests to keep your body comfortable while you work. Many of these chairs come with heaters and massage functions, making it easy to get relief from muscle pain.

If You Want a Chair with Lifestyle Features

For those who want more than just comfort, some lifestyle features may be worth the extra cost. Look for a recliner with a built-in USB port or compartment storage area under the chair, where you can store remotes and small books/magazines while not in use.

Since you’ve found out everything there is to know about recliners, it’s time to find the perfect one for you. You might be surprised at how comfortable and relaxing a good old-fashioned recliner can be. Be sure to test out different models and styles before making your final decision.

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