Why the modern man is lost and Pussyfied – according to Sam Reklaw

In the last 50 years, sperm counts are significantly down, divorce rates are significantly up and you know what? That’s great news for you because if you want to succeed and win in life, It’s never been easier than before. Think about it – you are now competing with a much smaller percentage of men.

The reason why the Modern Male has been feminised and traditional Masculinity is now considered “Toxic” is a deep rabbit hole, getting to the bottom of which would probably take a long time to study. Romcoms, feminists, woke movement, chemicals in our food have all made a big contribution.

When discussing intersexual dynamics, there is a theory which has gained a lot of traction online in recent years called the “Red Pill” and also “MGTOW’s (Men going their own way)” they go very deep into the psychology of both sexes, and claim that a woman’s sexual strategy is “Hypergamy” meaning they will always look for the best possible man that they can get, and the male sexual strategy is unlimited sexuality, basically “spreading the seed” in order to move their genetics forward.

Why? Because sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive. You can see this reflected in every day life with the way women and men treat sex. Men biologically can be disconnected from sex and treat it mechanically whereas women for the most part cannot, they become emotionally attached afterwards.

The Red Pill solution is make men aware of certain red flags women may have, essentially putting them into categories, such as whether they have daddy issues, tattoos, party girl past, career woman, feminist etc… Then tread carefully and make your own decision as to how you want to proceed with such women.

As an example, career women seem to be less successful at relationships than traditional women because in order to be successful in your career you have to adopt some traditional masculine traits like aggressiveness, assertiveness, competitiveness, leadership which makes it more difficult to communicate with a man because you are subconsciously competing with him. To a high value man, this is unattractive and exhausting.

MGTOWs solution to the problem is to check out of the game altogether and not be involved with women at all. Some of them will only have a relationship with sex dolls, some go “full monk” and have no female interaction whatsoever. The danger with a movement like this is that it’s very easy for men who are unsuccessful to claim they are MGTOW. When in reality the reason they are refusing to play the game is because they cannot. Maybe they’re ugly, or socially awkward, or broke, or in most cases – all 3. My opinion is that all MGTOW’s are society’s losers and cowards. Avoid this mentality at all costs.

While everything the Red Pill group, and the MGTOW group say is logically and factually true, I believe the reality is not so black and white. There are huge shades of grey in-between and once you’ve become the best version of yourself with real results to prove it – you can transcend all of that and all those “red flags” become irrelevant. Women subconsciously need 3 forms of security from a man: Emotional, Physical and Financial.

Men need 3 things from a woman: Loyalty, Attractiveness and Caring. Those are the foundations and everything else is secondary.

How can you use this information to your advantage and win in life, achieving everything you’ve ever wanted? The solution is simple, unlearn what you’ve learnt and go against the crowd. For example, in business people have more or less the same mentality, they learn it and then go on to do it the same way that everyone else does. As a result, most businesses will fail in the first few years. You have to do what the 1% is doing, not what the 99% is doing.

You can divide yourself into 3 categories:



Social Awareness/Game

Most people will lack 2 or all 3 of these things and your mission as a man is to improve and maximise as much as you can in all 3 of them.

If you do – you’ll be successful in all areas of your life.

Becoming the best version of yourself is a lifelong pursuit that you will never master because you will never be perfect. But small incremental change is what will transform into huge change over a longer period of time. 

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