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10 advantages of having a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are great. They look stylish, they’re fun, and they don’t take up much room. Oh, wait, you don’t know what a vertical garden is? Well, we better get that fixed before we go any further. 

Vertical gardens are as they sound on the box, gardens that are vertical. There are many ways to grow a vertical garden, whether that’s just by hanging flower pots up a wall, or with some special moss fertilizers and soil, you can grow a classic veggie patch on a wall. If that sounds intriguing to you, it’s time to get in touch with your local Melbourne landscaper to help you out. 

If you’re wanting to know more about the advantages of a vertical garden, and why you should own one, then read on!

1. Easier to manage

A vertical garden is easier to maintain and manage you say? It’s true, we promise. There is a less likely chance of any foreign seeds growing in it, making weeding so much easier and faster. Even bugs don’t mess with vertical gardens as much. Just know there will be a little bit of care work still needed, but not as much as a traditional garden bed. 

2. Takes up less space

Maybe your home is a little short on space. A normal garden bed or veggie patch really isn’t going to cut it. As beautiful as it may look, sometimes too much clutter isn’t worth it. With a vertical garden you can utilize any walls or fences, or even install your own wall for your little vertical garden patch. 

Looks great

Everyone knows that a garden bed looks great, but not too many people know about vertical gardens. Keep your home looking trendy, modern and welcoming. A vertical garden breaks up redundancy throughout any home. So, if you have the eye of a designer, you should take advantage of vertical gardens. 

4. Can grow them in the oddest places

Why wouldn’t you want to grow some vertical gardens along the railing of an outdoor staircase, or even down one wall of your home? The beauty of a well-designed vertical garden is that it can be installed in almost any place. 

5. Improved air quality

With small stuffy backyards and outdoor areas, it can feel claustrophobic and constricting. If you have more plants, you’re going to improve the air quality in that small place by a significant margin. It’ll help you feel less tired and stressed due to the better air quality. 

6. Grows better

With the proper maintenance, your vertical gardens can thrive and grow much better than those rooted to the ground. The plants will grow great if you’ve strategically placed them to take advantage of the positioning of the sun. Because they’re mounted vertical, they’re going to catch a lot more of that sunlight throughout the day. 

7 Reduces stress

There have been multiple studies indicating that someone who is exposed more to nature and wildlife experiences less stress. So if your outdoor area is a little on the small side, take advantage of the space you have and grow some vertical gardens. You’ll get all the positive benefits associated with having a garden all of your own. 

8. Harvesting is easy

A veggie patch is great, but sometimes it can be a lot of hard work. Vegetables that grow on a wall will be mostly at eye level, or at least within easy reach. Save your back the hard work, and make your life easier with a vertical garden. 

9. Can add privacy

Maybe your fence is a little more see-through than you would like. Hanging some plants up in pots, or even going all out and installing a full-blown moss garden wall, will give you the privacy you were looking for. 

10. Easy to install

You know what’s great about a vertical garden, it’s how easy they are to install. If you have some railings or fences, you can easily hang up some pots with a number of great little plants. But if you’re looking at getting a moss-covered vertical garden, then you may need the help of a landscaper. That isn’t to say it’s too difficult, but a landscaping business will know how best to place and position it in your garden or outdoor space.

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