Dark Brown Wood Floors

The Rich Appeal of Dark Brown Wood Floors: Styling Tips and Ideas

Dark brown is a colour that is in vogue when it comes to wooden flooring. The movement towards dark wood floors has been trending for a while now and there are various shades to choose from. Rather than the stark black colour which makes a room dull and uninviting, there are choices for a dark brown wood floor that will add warmth and comfort to your living spaces. In this piece, we will be discussing how you can style a room with a dark brown wood floor that gives it a timeless appeal which will not fade away.

Using Furniture to Give the Room a Better Look

You will do well to consider the colour, design and placement of the furniture in a room with dark brown floors. Well-chosen furniture will add to the look and feel of a room and give it zest and character.

Creating a Visual Contrast

You should aim to create a visual contrast between the floor and the other elements of the room. The colour of the furniture should be lighter than the floor to create a pleasant effect. It will also add a sense of space and openness to the room and prevent it from looking drab and dull.

Giving a Brighter and Lighter Effect

Lighter furniture can give a room an airy feeling as it brightens up the space. This is especially important when there is less natural light or an absence of windows. It’s a good way to brighten up a room and make it more liveable.

Aiming for Visual Balance

Once people enter a room, their eyes will note everything. Visitors would be impressed if the colours and style of the furnishings were trendy or elegant and were lighter than the floor. This helps create a visual balance between the lighter and darker elements of the room.

Using Furniture as a Highlight

You could even use the design and style of the furniture to be the main feature of the room. They should complement the dark brown wood flooring and add to the visual appeal so that visitors appreciate the overall look.

What Colors Go Well With Dark Brown Wood Floors?

Another thing you must consider is the colour of the walls. Neutral colours would be preferred here.

  • White: White has a universal appeal when it comes to contrasting it with dark wood flooring. But you would have to be careful that the white is not too stark, or you would end up with a room that looks like a hospital setting! You can add character to the white selected by selecting shades of colour that have pleasant undertones.
  • Blue: This colour is a popular choice that goes well with dark brown wood flooring. You can choose between light blue and dark blue shades. It’s better to select furniture with a lighter shade of wood so that it offsets the brown of the floor. For instance, rust or orange would be a good colour to choose for the upholstery. Matching it against soft white rugs would also give a pleasant look to a room. Light blue will give better options for mixing and matching, rather than dark varieties.
  • Pink: Choosing pink for a bedroom is a wise choice because it adds a touch of brightness to a room with wood flooring. It’s better to use softer shades of pink with a tinge of beige to give a warmer look. You could consider the seating in shades of green to give a more balanced effect.
  • Purple: While this is a difficult colour to match, it can be used in mauve and lighter shades to offset your dark wood floors. You can use light-coloured rugs or a carpet to offset the colour of the flooring. If the walls are coloured a lighter shade of blue, you may even consider using purple on doors and windows to give it an air of mystery.
  • Green: Green is a natural choice that complements the natural wood base of the floor. It echoes the feel of a forest and can create a warm look for any living space. Depending on the lighting, we can even choose shades of green that echo the hues of other colours.
  • Coral Hues: Coral and orange are shades that lend colour to a room and brighten it up. These hues are a stark contrast to a wooden floor and can bring in a feeling of warmth and cosiness. They make the room look more interesting.
  • Gray: Let’s be clear that this is not the first choice for rooms with wooden floors but has to be matched very carefully to have the desired effect. You could brighten up the room with furnishings that have blue and red undertones.
  • Yellow: While yellow can be in stark contrast to a dark wood floor, it would add colour to a room when paired with white. Use it in areas that appear darker and do not reflect natural light.

Adding Rugs, Mirrors and Lighting

You can add rugs to a room in lighter colours that will brighten it up. Paint the walls in light blue with a white trim and then use rugs in warm textures. Mirrors are another way to brighten up a room because they reflect natural sunlight. Place mirrors in a room as a decorative element and give the illusion of space. They are an excellent and natural choice for bedrooms. However, they can be added to any room. There is a wide choice of lighting options that can be used to brighten up a room with wood floors. Choose between LED neon lights, wall scones, pendant lights, recessed lights and track lights to shade different areas of the room. You can have them placed strategically to have the effect you want.


There are various style tips and ideas to try when dealing with a room with dark brown wood floors. The choice of furniture, the colour of the walls, using rugs and carpets, proper illumination and mirrors are some of the ways you can really add personality and character to your home decor.

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