10 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website Like a Pro

When the tech world discovered the potential of SEO, it was easy back then to make your website rank on Google. All you needed was a few great keywords with the potential to climb your website’s ranking to the top. However, things are not that simple now.

Although you can still use the old methodology to rank your website, it won’t yield the results you desire. You can hire professional SEO services in India for assistance. Alternatively, if you want to optimize your website like a pro, you need to stay updated with the latest SEO tips. So, here you go!

Optimize for RankBrain-

Google uses RankBrain to find out unique questions that have never been asked before. As 15% of daily searches in Google are unique, you need to optimize your site for RankBrain, which will automatically help in ranking your site.

Optimize “Near Me” Results-

The local search result is an area where if you excel, it will do wonders for your business. These users are usually very active and not ‘brand loyal’, so you can easily convert them. In order to do so, stay as relevant as possible.

Establish Local Presence-

Your ‘near me’ queries will be of no use if you are really not there when needed. Thus, you need to optimize your presence in this circumstance and in order to do so, hone your Google My Business page with opening and closing time, nice description of your business, contact image etc. You can hire an SEO company or PPC services company to help you with this.

Optimize Voice Search Results-

The voice search stats have increased 35x from 2008. This only goes to show that there is no stopping from here. Thus, it doesn’t matter how optimized your mobile site is; you should also work on the voice search results.

Answer User Queries-

A few years ago, if you had searched for any question on Google, chances were that you would have seen Wikipedia as the top result. But things have been changing and with time, newer websites have started ranking on top. Answer more questions in order to rank on top.

Pay Your Way to the Top

There are some aspects that haven’t changed since the advent of SEO and one of them is paying your way to the top. With good content, highly ranked product and relevant landing pages, you can add some bucks to the grind and stay on the top of the list.

Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)-

Making your site appear in Google News column once in a while when you have something trending is fine, but in the long run, it won’t be beneficial. This will allow you to use AMP i.e. super quick loading websites for mobile users.

Optimize for Mobile Phones-

A majority of Google searches are done using a smartphone. So, if you have not optimized your site for smartphones, so the blank screen on cell phone may appear when the user searches your site. It means you are missing out big time. It’s high time that you design a responsive website that is compatible with all kinds of devices.

Increase Your Website’s Speed-

Although AMP looks like a great solution for the purpose, it is not conventional and is often considered controversial. Thus, it is better to check the problem your website is experiencing by using the various tools available. This will also help you to analyze the problem and solve it.

Optimize Your Twitter Account-

Are you wondering what Twitter has to do with website optimization? In the past few years, it has been observed that Google has been quite responsive to tweets. Thus, if you don’t want to miss out on it, you better start working out on optimization for Twitter.

With proper website optimization for search engines by following the above tips, it is possible to improve its ranking and reach out to your audience.

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