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10 Small Changes You Can Make to Lead a More Sustainable Life

The impact of climate change is being felt across the globe. Over the last summer alone Australia experienced one of the worst bushfire seasons with over 17 million hectares of bushland burnt and significant damage to property and wildlife populations. AccuWeather estimated that the wildfires alone caused $110 billion in damage to the Australian economy.

Sometimes witnessing the extreme consequences of climate change across the world can make people feel hopeless and cynical about the future of the planet. However, there are small changes that you can make in your life that can have a positive impact. While your impact may be small, leading a sustainable lifestyle will not only make you feel better about yourself but also inspire others to act sustainably too.

That said, sustainability is not always feasible for everyone. Certain green swaps are more costly than their non-sustainable counterparts. Moreover, leading a sustainable lifestyle requires research, time and sacrifice. But don’t be discouraged, Electricity Wizard has done some of the research for you and found plenty of ways to be sustainable without breaking the bank.

Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions

If you can not afford to install solar panels or other green energy sources, you can always switch to a renewable energy plan. If your current provider doesnot offer green plans, then compare gas and electric providers and pick a green alternative.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances and lighting fixtures are designed to consume less energy. By investing in these appliances, not only are you helping the planet but helping your wallet too. So replace inefficient CFL light bulbs around your house with LEDs.

Minimise Energy Wastage

It is time to become more conscious of your energy wastage, as not only is it costing you in higher bills, but it is harming the planet. Make it a habit to switch off lights and electronics when they are not in use. Furthermore, dial back the thermostat when you are sleeping, leaving for work or on days where temperatures are mild. In winter, wear a few extra layers rather than opting for the heater.

Recycle the Right Way

Learn how to properly recycle your rubbish to avoid making things difficult for handlers, lazy waste management in your home is a sure-fire way to degrade the recycling process. Do some quick Googling with your local council and waste management providers to understand how best to recycle.

Avoid Fast Fashion

The fashion industry, and more specifically fast fashion, is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. While fast fashion enables people to affordably keep up with ever-changing trends, it not only makes up for 10% of human carbon emissions but pollutes our oceans and drains our fresh water supply. If you are looking to dress more sustainably, try buying from slow fashion brands like Philip Huang that are environmentally sustainable. Change your consumer behavior by purchasing less and when purchasing, then only appreciating the sustainable fashion.

Buy Repurposed Goods

From furniture to electronics, you can buy nearly everything second hand. Not only is it an excellent way to save money but also benefits the environment by reducing the need for manufacturing and transportation.

Eat Vegan Meals

Try to incorporate a few vegan or vegetarian meals in your diet every week. There are several easy-to-make and delicious vegan recipes available online and so many meat replacement options at the supermarket.

Use Public Transport

Do you drive your own car to work every day? If you live in an urban area with well-connected public transport, try to make use of it. Often public transport can be a quicker option during peak hours, and you will save money on fuel for your car. Alternatively, another eco-friendly way to commute is to take a carpool service in South Florida with co-workers.

Switch to E-bills

These days most, if not all, bills are payable online. Stop receiving your bills in the mail and prevent unnecessary waste of paper. Contact the providers that bill through the mail and make the switch to electronic billing.

Install a Low-Flow Showerhead

In order to conserve water and lower bills, consider installing low-flow showerheads and other water conserving bathroom fixtures.

Leading a completely sustainable lifestyle is no small feat, and often it is not economically viable for everyone. However, with these small changes you can lower your bills and feel like you are making some sort of impact on improving the environment.

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