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10 tasks to maintain co-workers’ relations

Covid-19 changed the whole world’s workplace structure. Millions of offices shifted from workplace to home. People are less connected with each other like they were before. Sitting at home doing home tasks plus office work has become a familiar routine for most of us. The day begins with work and winds up with work. Virtual team-building in Singapore methods and activities facilitate workers to connect and rebound. Other names for this were “remote team building or team bonding activities.” Before pandemic people mingle after office in the cafeteria, office canteens, or some other places to connect or to create a strong bond among themselves. In recent situations, people are not getting leisure time. Especially in the current time office mates are completely unknown with other team members.

Multiple tasks or activities are used for the connection among teams. But when it comes to work from home or work separately, team leaders need to be more creative in designing tasks to attain employee attention. The main focus of these activities is to establish better links among remote workers.

Types of tasks

These tasks should be challenging and exciting but not monotonous and boring. It could arrange some sort of online game for groups or pop-up quizzes like asking about favorite food or place. It’s like watching a movie together or conducting a dance class for fitness on some online software. Zoom or Google meet software is used to conduct it online.

Main Goal

As remote workers get very little time to know other team members. The main focus is to develop a strong and stable relationship among workers. Plus these activities buck up workers’ motivation and better conversation among one another.


  • Refreshing worker’s minds for a better outcome.
  • Built stable connections with team members.
  • Combining and giving positive feedback on teamwork.
  • Increase employees’ morals.
  • Develop job satisfaction
  • Overcome loneliness
  • Meet goals on time
  • High up productive and creativity level
  • Supporting each other
  • Increase adaptability

10 Tasks for Virtual team building

These activities enhance refreshment in workers’ minds in the online workplace. These are many but a team leader or head of the department has to select according to the need of the hour.  These activities are enlisted below.

  1. Drawing Competition – Day started, give your workers a challenge like “Drawing your favorite cartoon in 2 minutes”. Later whoever completes it gives a big round of applause to that worker or attached it to your team online notes board.
  2. Bingo – This is a very familiar game for kids and adults. On a placard write a few things and decide rules with partners.
  3. Party Day – Decide one day of the week and ask the workers to dress like they are going to party. Use zoom or Google meet to do a conference call. Send others complimentary drinks.
  4. Gaming session – Team leaders can develop customized team gaming sessions like Let’s roam, Outback, or they can use online games like jack box, among us, or solve any murder case with the help of hints.
  5. Fly and disappear room – This is a type of session used to be known as an escape room. This activity is great for solving problems. In this, you can engage more than 400 people. In which a complex puzzle played with many participants. “Heist with escape hunt” or “Virtual Murder history” is an example of disappear rooms.
  6. Quiz Session – It can be on personal information like a favorite food or places they like to visit in the future. A question can be asked as per the mood and interest of the workers. These quizzes are known as ice breakers also. Every work has to participate and respond within a given time frame.
  7. Pleasure time – Specific places decided for a specific celebration. Group of people on the decided day go out to some sort of club and enjoy their one happy hour. This is an incredible deal especially on Covid days as the gathering is not allowed. Many US clubs are facilitating this deal to the office workers.
  8. Recalling – This activity keeps workers busy for a few minutes in remembering names of a place. People like to express the knowledge they have. For example, if you show a map and point out a place. Who will name that place and will get a reward.
  9. Truth or dare – This style of activity is famous in college or school parties. where adults challenge each other or ask about the truth they never told. This activity can be conducted on zoom with the office team. Before playing a leader can decide rules and regulations with mutual understanding.
  10. Typing competition – Workers will love to take part in this type of competition. This is another way to show speed and accuracy among workers. Decide a time and participants or use online typing software for this activity.

Numerous tasks and activities are available to engage and spend fun time with co-workers. Experts suggest using the 8% rule for work and Virtual team building.

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