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11 Must-Try Extracurricular Activities Kids Can Do Themselves

Find how to keep kids busy with these 11 must-try amazing extracurricular activities for kids. These simple activities for kids have excellent benefits.

Does your little one spend all day staying glued to smartphones and call it their source of enjoyment? Are you stressed over the fact that your child is not indulging in other activities? Trust us, almost every parent has been through this problem—to find fun activities for their kids that will keep them engaged in a creative and learning process.

These days, the academics have put so much pressure on kids that finding the right type of activity for kids to do at home can be challenging. Most people miss the academic benefits of extracurricular activities and how much your child gains from it. Some fun kids activities to do at home or any DIY for kids will not just make them enjoy but also help them explore new hobbies.

As we have entered 2021 after surviving a global crisis, which has left the situation haywire with schools closed and online classes, parents are worried about how to choose the best extracurricular activities for their kids. Don’t worry! We are here for you. To hush the chaos and raise their spirits, let us talk about some hobbies and must-try extracurricular activities for kids:

  1. Indoor Games for Your Mind and Health

Games are a great way to make your little one learn team-spirit and honesty, and you can play at home too. Considered as one of the best indoor activities, games are an incredible way to make your kid strong and competitive, both physically and mentally. Games like chess, puzzles, and board games work on mind, while table-tennis, throw ball work on the body.

  1. Shake a Leg with Some Dance Moves

Kids love to dance, and in a culturally diverse country like India, there is no dearth of dance teachers offering to teach different dancing styles. There are various hobby classes for kids online that offer to teach various forms of dancing. This activity for kids is fun and relaxing, not to mention the benefits of dance in the physical growth of the child.

  1. Let the Music Flow Through

One of the creative ways to keep your kids busy is by introducing them to music, for there is no better peace than what music imparts. Children can choose from learning a new instrument or singing. Not only is it helpful for better concentration but also a powerful tool to develop confidence in oneself.

  1. Let the Creative Bells Ring with Some Art & Craft

An interesting kids DIY activity is pottery making or just simple craft making like clay toys. Sounds fun? Crafting has been an integral part of the Indian culture, and with this activity for kids, you can help expand your child’s creative mind and their imagination. This can further help them in their overall personality development. You can check this crafting guide for beginners to get you started.

  1. Play With Colours with Painting

Looking for an activity that involves fun things to do with kids to expand their creative growth? Playing with colours and making or creating things on a paper help your child understand colours and if they are passionate about it, they can also draw a persistent approach to academics. There are painting classes now being offered online.

  1. Make Books Their Best Friends

Books are a person’s best friends, and they certainly form an important role in kids’s lives. It is one of the most simple activities for kids but highly effective. Books open a doorway of imagination for a child. They fascinate them, as well as help them in studies.

  1. Junior Master Chef in the Making

Does your child have a knack for recipes? Why not include them in cooking activities and let them experiment and learn new things. This kids activity lets them acquire knowledge of food and encourages them to eat healthily. You can also assist you kids during the process, it just calls for more family time and a stronger bonding between you and your kids. You can also choose amongst the best cooking subscription box for kids or online classes to start off with for beginner’s cooking recipes.

  1. Theatre-The Art of Impeccable

Your mini talent House Rentals can go ahead and become a well-known actor/actress only if encouraged to pursue the right path. Theatre practise not only removes stage-fright, but it also instils confidence and teaches the kids patience, discipline and good communication skills.

  1. Motivate Them to Learn a New Language

Kid’s development through extracurricular activities could foster their interest. Learning a foreign language is one such way to do it. The child phase is the best to pursue this hobby. Engagement in an online language class or buying them a book may prove to the best gift of their life. Language is the mirror to a country’s culture, and learning a new language can teach them to respect differences.

  1. Fun with Academics

Does your child find it difficult to learn science or maths? Why not find a fun way to make them learn it? How about engaging them musically or through a role play. These fun activities will both entertain your kid and help them with their studies. The importance of extracurricular activities has a major role to play in academics.

  1. Storytelling: For the Inner Writer in You

All the famous writers were once children with a knack for story-telling. Your child can be an even better one if they let their imagination fly and delve into the art of story-telling. Story-telling is an activity of telling or writing stories. It can help your kids express their emotions and feelings in a much better way.

This at-home activity can be satisfying and also improves communication skills. It is a very good way to improve their writing skills, vocabulary and examination performance. This, in the long run, can also help their socialising skills.
Still confused on how to choose the best extracurricular activity for your kids? There is always help available at  Class for a step-by-step guide to these activities so that you do not get puzzled.

While academics are vital to a child’s growth, the benefits of extracurricular activities for kids cannot be side-lined for the child’s overall development. Kids development through extracurricular activities has been recorded by several social scientists.

Find your child’s inclination and encourage them into it at an early age, for you might have a future superstar in your house that you don’t even know yet.

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