Technology Upgrades You Need For Your House

12 Technology Upgrades You Need For Your House

As the years march on, technology improves for our betterment. We see various interesting innovations, ranging from smartphones to wearable tech. Smart homes are the rage in recent days, becoming mainstays in some residences.

You can catch up with the changes with these nifty additions to your home. Today, we will look at these interesting home tech products.

These technology upgrades can spice up your home experience. Enjoy a convenient time with these devices on board. Read on and learn more.

  1. 4K TV Set

Home entertainment is one of the most essential factors within the home. Having your own desktop or laptop is one thing. However, it works best when you also have a TV to act as a display for your activities.

To get the best experience, get 4K TV sets for your home. Some of these come with internet connectivity. It allows you to enjoy shows available on various streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

With the 4K functionality onboard, these shows are more immersive. You can even look here to get started with the search for a great 4K TV set for your home.

With this TV, you can even play video games with lush visuals. It helps bring out the best from your game console or desktop.

  1. Smart Wireless Speakers

Smart home systems work well with interconnectivity. It happens when using Wi-Fi and the internet to make electronic ecosystems at home.

For instance, go for wireless speakers that work together with home systems. Among these automation systems include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and so on.

The nifty thing about this tech is that you can also use voice commands to let the system work for you. It can help with quick searches and look-ups on the internet when needed.

Smart home speakers make home management easier. It allows you to stream content from your mobile device.

These speakers work well on their own. However, they might be lacking if you prefer quality audio. To get the best sound quality, get a home entertainment system.

  1. Home Security Systems

What about home security? It’s one of the most necessary areas of your home. Worry not, since the advancements in home technology also cover this department.

Typical home security systems have a series of sensors to detect intruders. The system also comes with surveillance cameras to note suspicious activities and an alarm to sound whenever intruders come.

To top it off, the system has a control panel to configure everything. It includes the off switch for the alarm system.

With smart home integration, you can make this work together with Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows you to use voice commands for the system.

  1. Smart Outlets

When going with smart devices, invest in smart outlets. These help track and regulate your home energy usage. They work in cutting down on utility bills.

Outlets like the ConnectSense Smart Outlet have a feature supporting voice commands. You can also use your smartphone to control the outlet remotely. It comes with an app to control the outlet, letting you switch it on or off when desired.

However, it may lack the IFTTT functionality. You have ways to make the outlet respond with other smart devices. Use HomeKit Scenes and Automations to accomplish this task.

  1. Outdoor Smart Plugs

Outdoor smart plugs are some of the best technologies for your home exterior. You can use them for your pool lamps and patio lights.

The good thing about these plugs is their remote feature, allowing you to control them with your phone. These also come with Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. Robotic Floor Cleaners

Having robots in the home for cleaning may seem like a whimsical idea from TV shows. Now, it is more of a fact. These new gadgets are automated cleaning companions that take on dust and dirt on the floor.

Some designs focus on removing lint, hair, and dust with an electrostatic cloth attached to them. Others have no attachments and clean your floors.

Regardless of your choice, having one would surely make your time at home amusing. It also makes cleaning convenient since you won’t have to do anything.

  1. Smart Slow Cookers

Smart appliances are also popping up. It adds an interesting twist to the usual staples in the kitchen. Among these include slow cookers with smart home features.

Slow cookers work well for a variety of dishes. It can even work for ingenious purposes. Add smart features to such a device and you get a useful tool that helps enrich your cooking.

For instance, an Alexa-enabled device allows you to use voice commands. It’s one of the features of the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker. Thus, you can set it up using a simple phrase or command.

Another noticeable feature in smart slow cookers is smartphone app integration, letting you set the slow cooker using your phone. You can even schedule the cooking time. The app also allows you to set the smart slow cooker’s temperature.

  1. Smart Electric Range

Aside from the slow cooker, a smart electric range would suit a modern home. With its easy-to-use features, cooking becomes much easier. Even if you’re a novice, this is a great item to have.

For instance, you have a flat stovetop to set your pans and pots for cooking. It offers enough space to work your dishes as desired. It also comes with a convection oven for baked dishes, including pastries and cakes.

Some have an air fryer feature, letting you fry dishes without oil. It’s great since you won’t need a separate air fryer. It saves money and time, especially in the long run.

The smart dial lets you work the settings with ease. It can help you since it has presets and more functionalities.

It also has Wi-Fi connectivity for better home integration. It allows you to use smart home features such as voice commands when preparing food.

  1. Vent Hood

Your kitchen needs a vent hood, especially if you intend to cook a lot. Nowadays, vent hoods that offer energy efficiency and reduced noise are a must-have. It ensures you’ll have a quiet time in the kitchen, letting you focus on the other sounds at play.

The vent hood offers more illumination with its LED light integration. One interesting example is the T-Light vent hood from Faber. While you have newer house technology with these smart appliances, you can’t deny the basics.

  1. Smart Fridge

Fridges with smart features are a surprise to some. Imagine a fridge that comes with a smart display for increased versatility. You can use it to find what you need in the fridge faster.

An example is the Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung. It has a touchscreen system and a load of apps for other features. With all these smart integrations, opening your refrigerator is more convenient than ever.

It also has a camera feed that allows you to see the items within the fridge, letting you track the contents. It’s a smart replacement to the regular refrigerator, and it won’t be long until the latter becomes obsolete.

  1. Smart Thermostat

A smart home won’t be complete without a smart thermostat. As part of your HVAC system, you can adjust the home’s internal temperature within a few taps on the device. What makes a smart thermostat stand out compared to a digital thermostat is its smart home integration.

These thermostat devices come with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to put the thermostat into the network of smart devices in your home. It makes home automation easier since you can set the adjustments on your phone or voice command.

The best thing about this smart appliance is the ability to set schedules for the temperature settings. This feature lets it do the appropriate adjustments when you’re at home. It also applies when certain times come.

  1. Smart Lock

As part of your security, a lock is always useful. However, it becomes problematic when you lose the keys. A smart lock helps with this problem since your smartphone can serve as the key.

If you’re not confident about your smartphone, use a physical keypad instead. Before entering your gates or doors, you must input the right code.

A smart lock can help achieve this setup. Aside from using your smartphone as the key, it can also set up temporary keys for your guests. You can check the logs on your phone to help you see who came to visit.

Step Up with These Home Technology Upgrades

These home technology upgrades give a glimpse of how the home of the future would be. These are smart homes using a digital ecosystem, working together to provide convenience. These devices can help you achieve that and more.

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