20 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Home Cozy in winter

Days are getting shorter and the temperature has started falling, finding a way to keep your house warm this winter becomes very important. Keeping your house warm in winter is required for your comfort but often the electricity bill at the end of the season can be horrible. You cannot heat your house for 24/7 hrs as it can be too expensive, so there are many other options available to keep things toasty at your house without busting the budget.

You must be thinking now what is the most cost-effective, low maintenance, secure and flexible way to do this? So the answer is shutters. Shutters can boost your house’s thermal efficiency and will retain indoor heat even in cold weather.

Is your house ready for winter? Here are 20 simple tips for keeping your home cozy in winters for no extra cost. Take full advantage of these inexpensive and easy ways to turn your house into a cozy space.

1. Go for interior shutters

The most common solution to your heat loss problems is to invest in interior shutters. They help to improve the insulation in the house by 50%, reducing your electricity bill and saving your money. By covering your windows, interior window shutters ensure that warm air inside the house does not escape, while also helping in preventing the cold air from outside from getting in.

2. Choose fitted shutters

Although putting in interior window shutters is a great step. To make the most of your money, it is important to make sure that they are made-to-shutters. This will help your house to retain extra heat by reducing the chance of gaps and draughts through which hot air escapes.

3. Choose the right material

Once you have purchased a lovely set of shutters, now it’s time to check what material they are made from exterior wooden shutters materials which act as the best thermal insulators as they can easily trap air and prevent heat loss. They will act as a thick barrier between the heat inside and cold outside and keep your house warm, without any risk of dampness and condensation, offering you a healthier home. So if you are planning to invest in an exterior wooden shutter, then we would be delighted to discuss our designs with you. Give us a call now.

4. Louvered shutters

If you are looking for more sunlight, then Louvered shutters can become a permanent solution for your windows. They are assembled in such a way that they can block out maximum summer sun rays but can allow the low winter sunlight. Thus keeps the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

5. Plantation shutters to maintain privacy

Another aspect that is very important in winter is privacy and security in your house. This is because when sunsets, it is dark outside and light inside the house, it is easier for outsiders to see inside. So plantation shutters will work as a barrier to stop this and ensure your modes, security, and privacy!

6. Invest in exterior shutters

Exterior window shutters are another way of making your home warm this winter. They protect windows against extreme weather conditions. Exterior shutters are also useful tools for properties exposed to the coast and older properties.

7. Close the shutters at night

All of us like to make most of the use of sunlight during the day, which is great because our windows soak the heat from the sun. However, when the sun sets, make sure to close your shutters. By closing them, there is no risk of draughts.

8. Move your sofa

 It may feel good to have your favorite seat near the radiator, it’s absorbing heat can warm your house. Remove it away from the radiator, so that hot air can circulate easily.

9. Reflect the heat

Radiator panels are cheap, easy to install and help to keep your room heated. They work by reflecting the heat to bounce back into the room.

10. Put down area rugs

By throwing rugs and carpets, will not only add texture and depth to your house but will also improve your comfort level by providing an extra layer of warmth.

11. Use softer lighting

If you want to make your house cozy during winter, there’s no time like this to upgrade your lighting. A warm environment will be provided to relax by using softer lighting. You can also get the same results by adding dimmer switches to existing ones.

12. Add some candlelight

Who said that you need a fireplace to make your house cozier this winter? A fire may seem like an obvious way of warming a space, but a simple group of candles on a dining table can add an exquisite ambiance and light to a room.

13. Install drapes

Insulated or heavy draperies can help to keep the heat inside your home in very cloth weather. Consider using blinds to keep the cold out and let the heat in at night.

14. Use a hot water bottle

Make sure you have your hot water bottle, and its heater is well insulated. Wrap it under your blanket so that heat is not escaped and your bed remains warm.

15. Drop the temperature setting

When using the heaters, ensure to lower down the temperature by a degree or two. It will increase your energy usage by up to 10 percent.

16. Weatherproof the windows

If you feel a cold draught inside coming. So make sure to check your ceiling, floors, walls, and window frames. If you find any cool air letting it in, then seal it up.

17. Use your ceiling fan wisely

You can switch the direction of your ceiling fan so that hot air bounces back to the ground. To maximize efficiency, you can lower down the fan speed.

18. Warm the air with a humidifier

You can use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and warm it up. Allow the bathroom door open after a hot shower to allow moisture to move to other rooms and provide warmth.

19. Use Dark-colored fabrics

You must know that darker color fabrics absorb heat and light ones reflect it. So dark-toned cushions around the home will warm up from the sunlight and help keep the house warm and nice.

20. Wrap up warm

Fortunately, the most obvious addition to the list. It will surely increase the coziness levels. Remember it’s the layer that you must wear as compared to just thicker clothes. The air trapped in between the layers of your clothes will act as a thermal insulator.


We have covered almost everything. We hope these tips will help you make your house cozy in winter, but what next? Don’t forget to check out our latest collection of louvered shutters at an affordable price.

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