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2021 Necklace Trends: What You Need to Invest In

When it comes to jewelry, necklaces hit the right spot for being timeless, trendy, and versatile, all at the same time. From lending you a distinct look to adding a finishing touch to your getup, necklaces can make it all happen in an instant. No wonder every season brings with it a slew of coveted necklace trends. And it is no different for 2021 as well!

This year, the necklace trends ride on the themes of fun, fashion, and fabulousness. Scroll down to explore the top 10 necklace trends of 2021 that can glam you up like never before.

Trend 1: Beaded Beauty

Beads and necklaces go a long way back, so long that even the Egyptian pharaohs loved adorning them. Yet, surprisingly, this trend has a strong following even today.

This year the beaded necklace trend is focused on the variety of the material. While pearl, coral, and crystal beads are the classic choices, the beaded shungite necklace makes maximum impact. Given that you can easily team up a shungite beaded neckpiece with almost everything, right from your denim and tees to a floral dress, it can be worthwhile to add them to your jewelry box.

Trend 2: Single Pendant Dazzle

Single pendants attached to a long chain are effortlessly feminine and classic. They have a spectacular capacity to arrest the attention of the onlookers. Opt for an unconventional charm quirky that can become a conversation starter. Go for a simple one if you want to tone down your look.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most versatile necklace trends that are always in fashion.  With a plethora of designs and materials to choose from, the options of styling up with a single pendant necklace are simply limitless!

Trend 3: Choker Delight

Chokers have been gracing the feminine form since the Middle Ages. Going by their popularity, it is pretty unlikely that chokers will go out of fashion anytime soon.

The year 2021 is witnessing a revolution within this trend. While the collar-like choker design is still trendy, it is the trend of oversized exotic pendants attached to sleek chokers that have caught on everyone’s attention. Just flaunt a piece with an intricately detailed pendant in golden, and you can be the show-stopper at any party!

Trend 4: Spectacular Charms

Charm necklaces have won their way into the hearts of fashionistas due to their casual styles and unique designs. You can wear a charm necklace with any casual ensemble.

Although vintage-style charm necklaces are quite popular even today, it is the new-age charm designs that are all creating waves in 2021. Just check out this exotic piece crafted with meteorites, shungite beads, and sterling silver, and you will know what we are talking about.

If you want to go a step further with this trend, you can even opt for a complementing charms bracelet. For instance, in this case, you can add a shungite bracelet to complete your look.

Trend 5: Princess Extravaganza

When it comes to emphasizing feminine beauty, nothing works better than a princess necklace. It is one of those jewelry trends that have constantly remained popular over the ages, and it still is.

More often than not, the pendant of a princess necklace sits just below the collarbone. This necklace style gives you an elegant look. Traditionally, women wore princess necklaces for formal occasions. But there is no restriction to wear such a piece to an informal event. So, if you wish, you can pair up a princess necklace with a v-neck and blazer combination and step out with confidence.

Trend 6: Minimal Saga

It’s been a prominent trend of 2021 to adorn neckpieces that are trendy yet minimalist in style. In other words, the right mix of glamor and subtlety is what women are seeking through their choice of accessories this year.

In keeping with this trend, women are opting for simple yet elegant designs, often adorned with a single stone or multiple stones of the same kind. You can wear such a neckpiece with almost any attire, whether plain or fancy.

In Conclusion

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