2021 trending ball gowns for your wedding

We know you are bored of joining the hefty sarees and lehengas in each of your wedding occasions for all of your experimental spouses there. Just take a break! Take a break! All you need on your special day is a gorgeous wedding robe. After a lot of studies, we gathered you the best bride’s wedding clothes that are nice, adaptable and simple to wear. So have a look at these stunning wedding gowns and bookmark your favorite ones for some inspiration from blingy gowns to flowery dresses!

As a married couple, your wedding reception is your first occasion. It asks for you to keep the fashion front on your best foot this day. Your wedding gown can be of any color (deeper or pastel colors) and of any kind such as shimmering for your reception party, from blingy to rough. Get inspired during your reception party by these trendy bridal clothing and raise your fashion game like a master.

Go Traditional

When you dress up for any wedding event, nothing can overcome the classic bridal appearance. This handmade crimson bridal accessory cabinet with golden decorations was the first on your list!

 Photo Credits: Wedding forward

Go retro with Metallics

Do you think the 90s actresses look elegant in their shiny outfits? They have not ceased dominating our hearts since metallic entered the realm of fashion. This one in the color of gold immediately attracted our attention and this bride looked beautiful at Manish Malhotra for her celebration!

Photo Credits: Shaadi Wish

Cannes inspired ball gowns

How could we not include the most beautiful lady on the planet on this list? The dress worn by Aishwarya Rai at Cannes 2017 was well-received. This ballroom-style gown is perfect for glamming up your wedding reception. This Disney princess gown’s cold shoulder design adds to its Diva-ness, and we can’t get enough of it!

Photo Credits: InStyle

With the capes

Are you a CAPES fanatic like us? We realize that as a modern bride, you want to add features in your gown that will make you stand out. This silver beaded blush pink cape gown is perfect for females who want to keep it simple but stunning.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Embroid them all over

You want to look your best at your wedding reception, and this stunning detailed-embroidered wedding gown in golden maroon is perfect for those planning a stylish affair. A perfect one to do a pre wedding shoot with this.

Photo Credits: Green Wedding Shoes

Look like the Snow-white

We’re swooning about these snow-white dresses with frills at the bottom, which are ideal for a cocktail or reception party. The gown’s bodycon form and mesh back add to the attractiveness of the ensemble. Also, don’t forget to accessorize your big day with your favorite diamond and ruby jewelry!

Photo Credits: The Bridal Collection

Aim for the fairytale

Through the precisely etched motifs on the dresses, fairy-inspired wedding gowns find their way into the hearts of the people. The gown was pushed to the top of the list because of the mesh sleeves and shoulders with basic beaded embroidery.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

The princess

What’s more, how could we overlook this? Popular actors donned this lovely silver gown, which added to their attractiveness and prompted us to put it on our Disney princess gown list!

Photo Credits: Wish n Wed

The long-trail

This is, in our opinion, one of the most exquisite wedding gowns currently on the market. This flowing gown’s majesty is something we can’t get enough of! The long trail and the glitter work on the garment are the icings on the cake.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Off-white is up for the season

We know you need something unique, and this off-white gown with hooded sleeves and tassel embellishments is without a doubt a must-try for all those daring brides out there.

Photo Credits: Brides

Anarkalis are back

When it comes to getting ready for your engagement ceremony, there is no such thing as being too dressed up. We’ve decided on this one for the engagement celebration because of the intricate thread work all over the garment and the well-defined border!

Photo Credits: Hatkay

Off-shoulder gowns fit the best

This one with dazzling gemstones adorned on it is for women who want to go big on the day of their engagement. The bride’s oomph factor is increased by the off-shoulder design.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Saree gowns are the trend

A Saree-Inspired Wedding Gown! The bright and blingy beads are strewn around this off-white gown. You’ll want to add this one to your favorites because of the belt-inspired accent clutching the waist over the gown, and you can also reuse your saree-gown after the wedding events!

Photo Credits: Wedding Wire

Minimal is the new extra

The most gorgeous clothes are sometimes created with the least amount of effort. If you want to keep things simple yet exquisite, this peachy wedding gown with white patchwork across the skirt is the one for you!

Photo Credits: Wedding Wire

Gold for go-to

When it comes to planning clothes for wedding festivities, most people choose gold. With golden embellishments all over the gown, this one sparkles brightly. We can’t help but love the gown’s pockets. Is there anything more you require?

Photo Credits: Indian Dresses

For the pure love of black

Some of us just can’t get enough of black! This black wedding gown is a must-have for all those brides who are still infatuated with black after wearing it a few times at their cocktail receptions!

Photo Credits: Indian Dresses

Give off Disney princess vibes

This strapless wedding gown is perfect for ladies who want to keep their oomph factor high. The glitter on the garment just adds to its appeal. Find fantastic wedding lehengas in Chennai here.

Photo Credits: Sora News

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