3 Easy Steps to Get Health Insurance as A Trucker

If you have a direct hauling company or a truck for hire, you already know why truckers’ health insurance is necessary. There are specific issues that long-distance drivers face, and these issues are unique to the industry. Certain factors subject these drivers to higher health risks than other individuals.

Factors such as lack of sleep due to long hours of tracking and lack of enough time for rest due to tight deadlines put them at higher risks of accidents and other health-related problems. The nature of activities associated with tracking is also a significant health deterrent; the loading and unloading of cargo can lead to musculoskeletal injuries, and exposure to diesel fumes causes respiratory complications and risks of fire.

There are also risks of obesity since the driver is required to sit still most of the day, there is no time for exercise, and the possibilities of stress are usually high. The roles played by truck drivers cannot be dismissed as they ensure that supply chains are not decimated; therefore, there is a need for truckers health insurance. Below are the steps to get health insurance as a tracker.

To find the best truckers’ health insurance provider, reach their call center or fill out an online form requesting the service. Leave your name, and contact details such as email, phone number, and location. And then, an insurance advisor will get back to discuss the various services they offer; for instance, medical coverage provides a truck driver with benefits in preventative, basic, and critical treatments from any healthcare provider. There are also dental care plans and vision plans. 

The insurance company also provides disability coverage that includes payouts for short-term injuries or long-term disabilities and extra coverage to help you with out-of-pocket fees.  Short-term renewable life insurance will give you peace of mind as the coverage provides financial security to families at a time when they need it most.

  • Get Pre-Approved

After you decide what services to take, the agent will help you get everything pre-approved with an insurance cover fully customized to your needs. Check if the trucker’s health insurance provider allows you to change or enroll on another plan and if you can receive treatment from any hospital or doctor. Also, check whether the insurance plan offers nationwide coverage or pays in addition to any other coverage you may have.

  • Get Approved and Enjoy the Benefits of the Insurance Plan

Once you have decided on the best insurance plan, get approved and start paying premiums to get the full benefits of the coverage. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your plan and know what your insurance plan covers. 


Truck drivers are such important people in our lives, but due to the nature of their duties, they are more prone to various health risks. And therefore, they need to get the truckers health insurance which ensures they are always safe by providing additional benefits. Drivers can seek the service through a simple three-step process; first, you speak to an advisor, get pre-approved, and finally, get approved and enjoy the insurance plan’s benefits.  

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