3 Major Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Writing Subject Line for an Email

Email subject lines are deciding factor for your mailing content. By looking at the subject line, the recipient decides whether or not he should dive into your email. Right?

So what phrases, words, or points one should and shouldn’t use in the subject line seems quite an important thing to talk about, as most of the profit indirectly depends upon your emails.

This article has summarized some of the primary mistakes that you shouldn’t make while jotting down subject lines for emails. Bear with us to learn some exquisite tips for a better mailing experience!

1.     Avoid Using Goofy Punctuation and Double Spacing in Your Subject Line

This is one of the basics one should know when landing in sales and marketing, as almost 90 percent of businesses use emails for disseminating their products or services.

Whenever you start writing the subject line for your email, make sure you don’t use goofy punctuation marks that only make your text difficult to understand.

This will leave an impression on the prospect that you are not a professional or that you are trying to give some mysterious message through such a set-up of punctuation marks.

Similarly, double-spacing in between words like ‘ROOM  Make Over’ make the word difficult to contemplate, and it entices the attention of spam filters.

The result would be that your email will end up in a spam box. Do you want that to happen to you? Of course not. For that, you need to avert such mistakes. For detailed guidelines, you can contact Growbots – a platform that teaches you ways of upscaling your business in no time.

2.     Don’t Use Suspicious Words Like ‘Cost, Free, Limited, $, £ and Others’

Let me tell you a secret. Using currency signs in your subject line can cause you a great loss in your business.

This is because such signs make your email mysterious and suspicious as such signs are mainly used by spammers to allure the audience who have little knowledge of the business and marketing world.

For your convenience, we have aggregated some suspicious words not to use in email subject lines. Have a look at the words; 100% satisfied, affordable, remove, 50% off, best price, limited, cost, credit, collect, compare, easy terms, discount, guarantee, limited time offer, winner, save $, and others.

3.     Don’t Use Phrases Like ‘Can We Have a 15-Minute Talk?’

Okay, let’s just accept the fact that your recipients don’t know you on a personal level. They don’t want to talk to you and have got to know the time for that. I know it sounds bitter, but it is a fact. So, whenever you write a subject line for an email, make sure you don’t ask them if they have time to talk to you over a call or in text messages.

Simply introduce your reason for contacting them and what benefit they can get from whatever service you are providing. Just keep things simple and easy!

Final Statement

Subject lines of emails are important, just like an introduction of an essay is. It is important to have the know-how to write a professional subject line. For detailed descriptions, feel free to contact Growbots!

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