4 Bad Habits That Are Suppressing Your Immunity

Ever wonder why some people are energetic and highly productive all the time while you feel sluggish throughout the day? You have the same 24 hours and resources that they have. But they make the best out of it, and you struggle with your everyday tasks. Why? Because you have developed some bad habits that keep you from achieving your goals.

But the change is almost unattainable unless you read about it, feel pinched, and get some motivation. Here are some of the bad habits that are suppressing your immunity and making you a low performer.

1. Sleeping late Waking up late

If you have this habit, you are not alone. A lot of young people are facing this problem. Watching TV or chatting with friends till late at night and then waking up late in the morning. As a result, they miss the fresh air and productive hours of early morning. And unfortunately, they are putting their health and career at stake by having an irregular lifestyle.

A lot of people often try to overcome this habit but fail every time. But there is a simple yet proven solution. Set a reminder to go to bed (let it be a time of late-night, i.e., midnight or even later) and an alarm to wake up when you do daily (even if it is 9 am or later). And the tweak here is that you have to set the reminder and alarm two minutes earlier than the previous day, every day. Trust me. You will see the change in a month without any difficulty.

2. Little or no exercise

If you already have a previous habit, i.e., late sleeping and waking up, you would hardly get time for exercise. Lack of physical activity weakens your immunity and makes you susceptible to seasonal infections and disease.

However, you can get rid of bad habits and start exercising daily. For this, you can join a gym or can set up a gym at home. You can find some good gym equipment manufacturers online. Having a workout plan and proper instruments at home would make it easy for you to cultivate a habit of exercising daily. Start with a few minutes of workout initially and increase the time as you start feeling comfortable.

3. Taking too much stress for patty things

Do you take a lot of stress over small things that are not affecting your or anybody’s life? If so, you should overcome this habit soon. You wonder too much over unnecessary matters that don’t make any difference for others. And this is having a negative effect on your mental as well as physical health.

For example, your last presentation was not as outstanding as you had expected. Or you forget to mention a point in your email to your potential customer. And now you are overthinking whether the audience will accept or reject your proposal. Instead of this, you can learn a lesson and do better in your next presentation or pitch.

4. Eating unhealthy food

In this modern age, everybody wants to enjoy their life, and they do it at the cost of their health. The commercials promoting junk food and beverages make us believe that they can give us happiness. But in reality, they are loaded with high cholesterol, refined carbs, and sugars and only suppress our immunity.

Sooner or later, junk food will show its effects on your health and career. Hence it is imperative to get rid of this habit and start eating healthy food. You can make a diet plan and include an eating-out once a week. However, it will only work if you strictly follow your diet and say no to junk food every time you feel hungry.

Final words

Maybe you are aware of these bad habits and have been trying to overcome them for a long time with no success yet. But you can make a big difference by improving at a micro-scale daily. For example, waking up two minutes earlier than the previous day will make you wake up one hour early after 30 days. The same applies to exercising. Training each body part for a few minutes a day will make you stronger to do more workouts within a month or two. So, start making such micro improvements from today to live a healthy and happy life.

All the best!

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