4 common FAQs people have about classic car insurance!

If you want to insure your classic car, then you need to purchase classic car insurance. If you love the 1967 Thunderbird or you are a sucker for the old-school Coupe cars, then taking out a classic car insurance policy is the best way to avoid any damage to your unique and one-of-a-kind vehicle that you enjoy driving on special occasions.

Although your classic car may not be your number one choice for running errands daily, taking out your old school Chrysler on the open road every weekend is one of the best enjoyments you can have in life. Make sure you protect your car and anything that can happen to it -whether it is a bad accident, weather, objects in the throat, or vandalism – with classic car insurance. Let’s see the most common FAQs people have about classic car insurance and how this can help put your mind at ease!

4 common FAQs about classic car insurance!

Classic cars are unique and special – they are different from your typical everyday sedan or SUV that you find on the road nowadays. The uniqueness and specialty nature of the classic car make them a collector’s item for many car enthusiasts around the world. Let’s see common FAQs about car insurance that you should purchase for your old school cars!

What is a classic car?

If you are wondering if your car can be counted under the classic car insurance policy, mark sure it reaches these guidelines. Typical classic cars might be the 1970s Lotus car or a Couple that was made in the 1960s – these old school cars are old, that is not the only criteria that is used to determine if they can fall under the realm of classic cars. Typically, you will only qualify for classic car insurance if your vehicle is not your primary mode of transportation, you have a very low annual mileage of below 5,000 miles, your car is 25 years or older, and the vehicle is specially stored inside of a secure area when not in use.

Is classic car insurance cheaper?

Typically, classic car insurance is cheaper than usual car coverage! Since you are not using your car every day, the classic car insurance is usually much lower than you would find with your typical sedan, as you are not doing daily trips, driving to work, or taking the kids to school.

What if my classic car is stolen?

If your classic car is stolen, you will find that the car is worth a lot in value -which can determine how much you will get back when your car has been the victim of theft.

Will modifying my classic car make the classic car insurance higher? Typically modifications and add-ons to your car make the classic car insurance price higher. Usually, these add-ons include new controls and dashboards that are more modern, a high-powered engine, and power steering.


If you are wondering about the basics of classic car insurance, read these 4 FAQs! Learning more about this type of coverage helps to understand if you qualify for this coverage, what is covered under the plan, and how much you can expect to pay.

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