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4 Hydration Tips for Runners: Before, During, and After Run Advice

Running is great for both your physical and mental health. It’s also a fulfilling hobby, one that can bring joy to your life. But, as you might know, it can also dehydrate you in a hurry.

For this reason, if you’re a new runner, you could make use of some hydration tips. Interested? Then read on. Here are 4 hydration tips for runners.

  1. Drink Early and Often

It’s not easy to drink water while you’re running. So, to make up for a lack of water during your runs, you’re going to have to drink more water prior to your runs. As such, the first of our hydration tips for marathon runners is to drink early and often.

From the second you wake up, you should be downing ample amounts of water. Don’t stop at the requisite eight 8-ounce cups. Your run is bound to take more out of you than that.

Keep a water bottle with you all morning and sip from it whenever you get the chance. Don’t make yourself sick; don’t make yourself feel bloated; drink as much as you can within reason.

  1. Infuse Your Water With Nutrients

Water alone is sufficient in keeping a person hydrated. Note, though, that if you want to feel as good as possible during your runs, you’re going to want to absorb some nutrients as well.

This is why you should infuse your water with nutrients. Put fruits into a glass of water and let the juice from those fruits mix. In a short time, you’ll have vitamin and mineral-laden beverages that are tasty, hydrating, and nutritionally beneficial.

Looking to get these benefits in time for a big race? Consider a vitamin IV.

  1. Wear a Hydration Device

If you’re interested in hydrating during your run, you should consider wearing a hydration device. This is essentially just a backpack filled with water. It has a spout connected and enables you to drink water on the move.

You can purchase these devices for as little as $15, a small price to pay for regular hydration.

  1. Take Salt Supplements

When you think of consuming salt, you probably think of dryness. And when you think of dryness, you probably think of dehydration.

But, in truth, salt supplements can actually help to maintain hydration. They do this by regulating electrolytes and ensuring that they’re working for you.

So, if you’re engaging in long-distance running, you’re advised to bring some salt supplements along with you. Pop them throughout the run and your hydration levels will remain much longer than they would otherwise. You can buy a bottle of salt supplements for as little as $10.

Run Strong With These Hydration Tips

Running is sure to take a lot out of you. As such, you’ve got to make sure you’re putting some back. Put these hydration tips to good use and you’ll run strong for the duration.

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