4 Reasons to Skip the Furniture Store for Your Next Living Room Set

It may seem easiest to go to your local furniture store when you need a new living room set, but it may not be the wisest choice. While you are more likely to receive furniture that is undamaged from shipping, you’ll have a lot smaller selection. There are several other drawbacks as well.

Here is why you should skip the furniture store and buy your living room set online.

Furniture stores have limited inventory

Your local furniture store probably doesn’t have a large warehouse, even if they have a bigger than average sales floor. Because they are limited in space, they don’t have a very large selection. Other than holding sales at the end of each season, those stores also don’t offer any type of clearance furniture.

If you are having a hard time finding what you want, turning to the internet could be your best option. You’ll have access to a much broader variety of couches in almost any color or pattern you could imagine. It just takes a few quick searches to find an online furniture store that has exactly what you want.

Slower delivery times

Most furniture stores maintain a catalog as well as a showroom floor. It allows them to meet the needs of those who aren’t interested in the furniture within the building. You can usually order exactly what you want, but if they don’t have it in stock they will be ordering it from the manufacturer. The manufacturer then sends the couch to your local store, which then delivers it to you. This can mean a slower delivery turnaround than online stores that ship directly from their warehouse.

Higher prices

Your local furniture store will have much higher prices than wholesalers or online retailers. That’s because they are a middle-man, providing you with in-person service and taking their cut with a high markup. You can keep an eye out for sales that make it cheaper, but these only come along once every few months. If your living room set needs to be replaced right away, you won’t be able to wait for those sales events.

Delivery fees

It is almost guaranteed that your local furniture store will charge you an exorbitant delivery fee to bring your new couch to your home. For some, local delivery is the best option. Those with disabilities may need the extra hands to bring the furniture into the home and place it where desired. But you will pay dearly for that privilege. If you can handle placement yourself, ordering online usually doesn’t come with delivery fees.

When it comes to expensive purchases like living room furniture, you don’t want to spend more than you have to. While it is always a good idea to shop local when you can, it is easy to see that online will give you lower prices with a better selection of living room furniture sets for sale.

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