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4 Things To Consider When Choosing Table Lamps For Your Home

In today’s interior design aesthetic dominated by modern chandeliers, towering floor lamps, and quaint pendant bulbs, a table lamp may seem like a rather simple design choice. However, one cannot simply ignore the charm of an elegant table lamp. Table lamps add symmetry, contrast, and personality to any room that they are graced with. If you are looking to buy table lamps in Australia for your home and living spaces, keep reading to find four things you should consider when choosing table lamps:

1. Find the right place

Prior to purchasing table lamps for your home – which can be quite an investment if we are talking about designer lamps – begin by thinking of places where you would place the lamps. This would allow you to measure the exact height and size of the lamp, and its distance from the piece of furniture next to it whether this piece of furniture is a bed stand, a couch, or a dining space. Rather than buying a lamp and then fitting it into a space, think of a place and then purchase an appropriate lamp so that it blends seamlessly in your home.

2. Be mindful of the size

When you purchase a table lamp, its height is to be determined according to the room or space that it sits in. The main idea here is to pick a lamp that has the bottom of its shade at your eye level when you are sitting in the space the lamp is placed in. So for instance, if you have a higher bed, your table lamp would comparatively be shorter to avoid its light hitting you directly in the eye. If you are purchasing a table lamp to go on a table on the side of your couch, the same principle applies, and the bottom of the lamp should be on their eye level when an average height individual is seated on your couch.

3. Explore new styles

While the shade of the lamp determines or categorizes its overall style, the body of the lamp also plays a role in determining its overall feel. Whether you opt for timed and elegant table lamps, or for zen and modern ones, there is a style of table lamp for every room and every space that can be used by you. Whether you want your table lamp to blend in with your room or stand out like a centerpiece, you can certainly find a style to suit your taste.

4. Get cheeky with colors

If you have a modern home with a neutral theme, lamps come as an excellent opportunity to put some color in your space and add an extra oomph. Whether you opt for a colored or printed lamp shade, a lamp with a strikingly colored body, or copper lamps, you are sure to find something that suits both your palette and your home space. Remember that the lamp you choose need not fit in with the surroundings of your room, rather it is added as a contrasting piece that both adds an element of color and becomes a focal piece.

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