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5 Banarasi Sarees Every Indian Women Must Have In Your Closet

Banarasi Sarees are always famous among Indian women, and their lustrous beauty captures everyone’s attention. Banaras sarees are renowned worldwide for their handcrafted gold, zari, silver, natural silk, and exquisite embroidery. These sarees are crafted from fine woven silk and are known for their floral patterns, trellis, jaali designs, a tasteful border, and a sophisticated end piece known as a Pallu.

Nothing beats the royalty, purity, and glamorous factor of an original banarasi saree, which is why all Indian women prefer to wear pure soft banarasi silk sarees for weddings. These fabulous creations, which are both dressy and stylish creations can be worn for any occasion and will always make you look elegant and splendid.

5 Banarasi Sarees That Every Indian Women Must Have In your Wardrobe

This six-yard fabric has many intricate designs that make it both stunning and adorable. Many aspects of Banarasi silk production have changed due to technological advancements, but the elegance remains unchanged. You will notice various patterns and designs when shopping for a pure banarasi silk saree online.

You’re missing out if you don’t have a banarasi silk saree in your closet. Here is some stunning banarasi saree work from the wast collection to help you find your extravagant praise.

Korial Banarasi sarees

Koria is derived from the Bengali word “kora,” which means spotless or white. This Korial Banarasi saree is an improved version of the Garad saree. These sarees feature jaw-dropping border work, which qualifies them as a perfect traditional banarasi saree. Most of these sarees have attractive designs all over the body, and the gold work adds to the appeal.

Tussar Banarasi Silk Saree

Tussar Silk has a rich texture and is one of the most used silks in producing silk sarees. However, tussar silk’s beauty lies in its shape, texture, and versatility. Tussar, or pumpkin silk, is a rich texture with a natural golden color originating in India. This silk’s fantastic variety and designs make it a staple in almost every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Tussar Silk Banarasi Sarees have a warm neutral shade tone with vibrant bright color. Because of the contrasting nature of both shades, the saree is subtle and attractive to wear!

Pashmina Banarasi

Because of the variety of colors available, Pashmina Banarasi has won the hearts of all women. Almost all Pashmina Banarasi sarees have gold buti they work in the body and a beautifully designed border. Because colors are essential in wedding outfit sections, Pashmina Banarasi is a good choice for any wedding occasion. Moreover, these bridal sarees have an elegant texture thanks to authentic silk weaves and metallic artwork.

Bandhej sarees

Banarasi Bandhini’s are Bandhej sarees with brocade fringe. It is typically made of high-quality georgette fabric with woven banarasi appliques and edges. Conversely, contemporary artisans prefer to use delicate georgette, artistic silk, silk blends, cotton, and viscose. The traditional Gharchola is made of pure Venkatagiri cotton from Andhra Pradesh.

Bandhej Sarees play an essential role in Gujarati weddings. Most of these Banarasi Sarees have a beautiful combination of two complementary colors, making them a one-of-a-kind saree to own. Bandhani sarees are ideal for everyday wear, while heavy work bandini sarees are ideal for wedding wear.

Tanchoi Banarasi

Tanchoi Banarasi is a well-known weaving technique that uses a single or double warp and two to six colors of thread, often of the same color, on silk fabric. Small weaving patterns over the fabric and idiosyncratic handstitched flowers and peacocks are two of the features that set these banarasi sarees apart. Tanchoi sarees are famous for formal occasions, wedding ceremonies, and festivals throughout India.

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